Camo In Central Park

Did you know that Central Park is the most visited urban park in the United States, over 700 acres, and one of the most filmed locations in the world? It’s one of New York City’s gems!!! Each time I go, I see something new. On this day, I was meeting a friend and thought my CAMO look would be perfect, since it’s the jungle of NYC!!!

Camo has to be a staple by now! I remember when it first came to light in the fashion world, I was the one that said “NO WAY!” I didn’t like it and was determined I never would. Then my mind started to shift, and now I love it….and I think mostly during the fall season! These camo pants from Anthropologie are my latest! They have a boyfriend cut to them, but are still fitted. I wore them here with this cute metallic tank and white tee underneath. The tank is such a great little layering piece. The tee-shirt is from J.Crew. They have the best basic tees at the most reasonable price!!! You could easily wear this outfit with cute sneakers….a bright colored pair would be adorable with the camo! But here I’ve paired them with some snakeskin sandals.

Other ways I might wear the camo pants would be with black booties and a black sweater. Or maybe with some floral booties, a graphic tee, and a denim jacket. Or what about a faux fur vest, denim shirt, and Converse? Make them dressy or casual, either works! I think cute with my white suede booties and a cream colored chunky sweater! And going back to the floral booties…..definitely on my “wish-list”!!!

Do you wear camo? If so, how do you wear yours?

Pants  |  Metallic Tank  |  Tee  |  Necklace



4 thoughts on “Camo In Central Park

  1. Hi Shauna,

    Love your style!! I’m wondering where you got the turquoise pendant necklace you’re wearing in your Central Park camo outfit? I absolutely love it!!….I wear turquoise pretty much every day! It just makes me happy! Thanks for making us feel young, and hip and beautiful and very chic in our 50’s and beyond…’re the best!

    Warm regards,
    Nova Scotia

    1. Hi Lynn! I LOVE turquoise too! I actually bought it at a kiosk at the airport in South Carolina. She didn’t have any business cards and I can’t remember her name! So sorry! Thank you for your SWEET comment! XO

    2. Hi Lynn, I think I already emailed you, didn’t I? I emailed someone about it. I bought it at an airport kiosk! And no contact info to share, I’m so sorry! She had the BEST stuff too. My fave place to shop for jewelry is of course ANTHROPOLOGIE! I should just work there! But here’s a link to some of their BEST TURQUOISE pieces I thought you might like to look through! XO

  2. I have a fitted camo jacket that I wear to work with a black pencil skirt. I can wear it with heels or tall black boots depending on the season. I also have a camo vest that I wear with a black t-shirt and capri’s. That one I can wear sandels, heels or even tall black boots with as well.
    Love camo!! I’m thinking I need some pants now! ;D

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