I know, I know….

This amazing dress has been all over my Instagram and blog,

but I couldn’t help posting it one more time for this RED month of February!

This one is sold out, but here is a great alternative!

I love this dress for many reasons.

1) It covers EVERYWHERE!

2) The red is my perfect red…you all have a red and should know what it is!

3) The cut-out lace work is delicate, fun, and girly!

4) It holds and will always hold special memories for me! #thefierce50

And I must say in conclusion, that I’m hoping that you all know that you…



One thought on “Be-YOU-Tee-Ful!

  1. Hello there! I am hoping when I got 50…I look as great as you do! I’ll be 44 in a couple months…Just want you to know that my hair is cut and colored very similar to yours..I have had ppl think your pic was that’s a great compliment …I love your style!

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