Back To This Party!

Now back to that party I was talking about a couple of days ago! It was such FUN! ANTHROPOLOGIE knows how to put on a party! It was a year ago, that I was invited to host the Spring Fashion Show at their Chicago location. The girls there were so kind and accomodating, and in particular this girl! Cathy!!! We instantly became friends! We’re close to the same age, love fashion,  and try to live a healthy life. She is so good at what she does at Anthro, and not just with me, but with every customer I see her with! She makes you feel like you’re her best friend! And I’m always amazed at her ability to know my body so well, she can literally send me something in the mail, and it fits to perfection! So when she asked me back, I was thrilled to say the least! It was so good to see all the girls again, and this time it was just as fabulous! The outfits I modeled were picked out by them, and they couldn’t have done better! Thank you Elizabeth! They had me dressed to the nines, and with all the accessories too! And as a little side-note…their earrings right now……………are AMAZING!

My outfit details are here…

gold shimmery pants | white cropped sweater | pink earrings | pink sandals

mother denim | black tunic

I LOVED EVERYTHING I wore! How can you not? Each of the girls looked incredible! A funny coincidence….my Fierce 50 girl @catherinegraceo just happened to be in Chicago at the same time. And so guess what? We got to model together! It was fun to see her outside of sunny and warm LA! She can definitely strut her stuff like a super model!

The party was full of all kinds of friends! As I walked down the runway in my first outfit, I looked in to the crowd and saw two bloggers I’ve followed since the beginning @fashiontandf and was thrilled to see them smiling back at me! All of us bloggers went to dinner afterwards and stayed up way too late! Included were Lindsay @another_day_another_outfit, Shirley from @myfavoritethings, Heidi from @heidelore, Julie and Lori from @fashiontandf, and Catherine @catherinegraceo, and me! How fun to be able to gather and talk about everything from fashion to goals to comedy and just getting to know each other! Also in the crowd were some more blogger/Instagram friends that I was so blessed to meet and reconnect! This blogging world has opened up so many friendships for me and they have all been a gift! This one @icarra1 from Columbia couldn’t have been more sweet to me! And Veronica from @vintagemeetmodern came all the way to see me, and brought me the most AMAZING and BEAUTIFUL gift I can’t wait to share with you! It needs it’s own post! And a triple bonus was……that morning in the gym I met two more lovely women. One, a pro body builder @katsecor, who looks so FIERCE and STRONG, and her mother @mimisecornp who is a Doctor and specializes in women’s health! Check them out on Instagram! They actually came to the show to cheer me on! How thoughtful is that???!

So you see it was an INCREDIBLE evening and I can’t say THANK YOU enough to all the ladies at Anthropologie Chicago who have befriended me and supported me more than I could have hoped for. They run their store like a machine! They are all in this last picture, Cathy, Elizabeth, and Rachel, as they opened the show! And a thank you too, to Colleen Woods, who is the assistant store manager! I LOVE them all so much!

If you have any questions on anything I haven’t posted links for, Cathy Fitz can help you! The number to the store in Chicago is 1-312-255-1848


4 thoughts on “Back To This Party!

  1. What a brilliant evening! You look fabulous in those gold pants and how perfectly they fit you. Blogging is a wonderful way to make friends and network with like minded souls, Shauna, I must agree. I love how I’ve connected with women from all over the world that I would never have met otherwise.

    Anna x

    1. Hi Anna! Yes! ABSOLUTELY SO TRUE, about connecting with women everywhere! It’s amazing! Thanks so much for your sweet comment! XO

  2. LOVE your blog! It was so special to meet you, have you invite us to this fun event, and now follow you on your journey. You are an inspiration! xoxooxxo

    1. Hey Kat!!! I believe that it wasn’t coincidental at all, that we met that morning in the gym! Both you and your mom have inspired me! Women supporting women, no matter the age, is a beautiful thing!!!!!! Let’s keep in touch! xo

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