Another HAIR Post!

Another HAIR post and I apologize to those who are tired of hearing about my hair! But I do get SO MANY emails and requests about my hair. Maybe it needs a blog of its own??! I’m asked everything from how it’s cut, colored, what products I use, how to style, etc. So here I go again, but this time with a few additional products I’ve been using, that I’M IN LOVE WITH!!!

Light Elements Serum  |  Color Conserve Shampoo  |  Pure Abundance Style Prep

The Color Conserve shampoo is what I used this time after I had my full color treatment. It locks and seals in the color for longer lasting results, and boy does that work well! I used it the first two shampoos after my color, and after that just went to my normal shampoo. I ALWAYS use this BLUE MALVA conditioner! The Light Elements is a smoothing serum that I just apply a couple of drops to my wet hair for added silky smoothness and shine….LOVE this! And the third new product I’m in love with is the Pure Abundance Style-Prep that I spray in my hair before blowdrying. It adds weightless volume, without feeling like you have more product in your hair! It’s SO GOOD!

So this again, is my hair routine……first, my hair is colored with AVEDA color. I have no idea what it’s called, but it’s all by AVEDA! I do a complete color every three months, with a cut and toner, every month. So, it’s cut every four weeks, with first a full color, and then the next two months it’s cut and toned only. My stylist, Harley, cuts it dry, with scissors, and adds lots of texture! She claims it’s not a complicated haircut at all! She’s at Landis Salon in Sugarhouse and she’s FABULOUS!!!!!

Here are a couple shots taken from both the right and left sides of my hair. A lot have requested more detailed pics of the sides. I’ve actually recorded a video of me styling it, but it’s VERY unprofessional, and I’m determined to do a better one! It takes me less than five minutes to dry. I sort of pull the ends up straight and dry the roots and then just a little round brush action and I’m done. Then I take a pea sized bit of Control Paste and mix it with a pea sized bit of Shaping Wax. I rub it just on the ends and then move it around until I like it! That’s it! Ta-da!!!!!!!

I LOVE my salon Landis Aveda in Sugarhouse, and LOVE my stylist Harley, and LOVE LOVE LOVE anything Aveda!

Hope this is enough to help you all with your hair! It’s fun to see many of you with the ChicOver50 haircut! At my styling event today at Anthropologie, there was a lady, Sandy, that came in that follows me, that had the same hairstyle….pictured here! She was a delight to meet and shop with! I sure did have an AMAZING day meeting so many of you at Anthropologie! Thank you to ALL who came, and thank you to Anthropologie Salt Lake!


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  1. Your hair really does need its own blog/instagram? I would love to see a video of you styling your hair as I’m sure many of us would

    1. Hi Judy….thank you and YES I’m trying to figure out how to do a great video of the styling process!!! XO

  2. Thank you for all the great pics! I’m so tired of coloring my grey, but haven’t been brave enough yet to jump into the iced platinum. I just love it!

    1. Take the plunge. The worst that can happen is that you hate it and go back to dyeing it. I love mine. It’s so exciting looking for new looks to go with my new hair Xx

    2. Jennifer! You should GO FOR IT!!!!! I’ve never ever looked back….and it’s much more fun! XO

    3. Go for it. It was the best thing I ever did for myself. So liberating. If you don’t love it you can go right back to coloring it.
      I have a couple pics on my instagram. Janetdzaichdavis.

  3. My hair stylist gave me the”Shauna” as we call it! Showed her some of your pics and she nailed it. I’m lovin’ it. Short messy hair rocks!

    1. She’s even as tall as I am…..and she’s the sweetest lady ever!!!! Thanks for stopping by Judi! XO

  4. Love it ,I actually use the purple shampoo on my hair but your color is what I’m trying to achieve

    1. Lorene, make sure you’re going to someone who specializes in COLOR! Good luck to you! XO

    1. Hi Jane! Maybe I can do makeup next!!!! I don’t spend a lot of time…MAYBE ten minutes! XO

    2. I agree! Love your haircut & color, but now I would really like to hear about your makeup…it’s stunning!

  5. Thank you for doing another hair blog. Your styling tips are especially helpful. My hair is fine so it requires more work to get it to stand up. I haven’t got brave enough to do the platinum. But I have come a long way .So who knows one day I could surprise everyone!

  6. My hairdresser and color guru just turned me on to your IG, and I LOVE IT! Love your style and hair. You know how we short haired people love other people’s short hair styles! And I too go to an Aveda salon and love their products. Considering all the different colors my hair has been in the past year, it’s not damaged at all, and I believe it’s due to Aveda products. I also like the Thickening Serum. Thanks for all the gorgeous fashion pics too! As I am one year closer to 60, I am promising myself to get more creatively daring with my clothing combos instead of living in atheleisure-wear in most days. After all, I have closets full of clothes, shoes, and boots! Keep shining and smiling ?❤️??

    1. Hi Jo-Ann! THANK YOU so much! I love AVEDA too! I’ve never tried the thickening serum, but I bet so helpful for women our age!!!!! And athleisure style can be cute too!!!! Someone asked me the other day what I wear when I’m home, and it’s exactly that…..well, it’s leggings and sweatshirts! XO

  7. So I’m not the only one waiting for a hair tutorial (blow drying techniques then product to style) but also makeup tutorial!!
    Shauna–you are in high demand!!? We all love your hair & makeup and style from head to toe!!

    1. Kelly, you’re so sweet….thank you!!! When I go in to the videos, I want them to look professional, and I’ve not quite mastered that yet! Example…….the video I posted today on Instagram! Ha! But, I’m getting better! XO

  8. You’re creating a hair movement, Shauna! I love stylish short hair on other people. Used to wear it quite short sometimes myself, but my facial and neck contours were much more youthful then. My silvery hair is shoulder length now, but am so bored bored bored with it and am always tying it back with nice clips. (I have s whole wardrobe of those!) Unfortunately, living in sub tropical Brisbane, am scared that if I cut it short it might make me look like a poodle!?

    1. Hi Jan! I know this HAIR MOVEMENT is quite something! I feel it!! I think short hair is MUCH LESS boring than long hair! But of course I’m partial to SHORT SASSY HAIR!!!!! And I’m sure you won’t look like a poodle! XO

  9. Always love♥♥♥♥ your hair, my hair is short too, but I have fine hair , it would never stick up so nicely as yours. I love your hair color too, it looks amazing on you.

    1. Could you tell me what lipstick you wearing in your pic, love the pink, looks so good on you.

      1. Hi Kornelia….I couldn’t help myself, had to butt in here…..try blowing your hair dry while bending over with your head down…..that’s the only way mine will stand up.

    2. Hi Kornelia, thank you very much! How nice!! I think if you’re using the right products you can get more lift from your hair than you think! Thanks for stopping by! XO

      1. Shauna, I’ve been using your tip of pulling hair up and drying roots. What a huge difference this makes. I have short silver hair and it’s a great tip. Also want to start using Aveda products! Thanks for the tips and pics!

  10. Yes a video please! I am currently using all the products you use & my hair stylist cut it like yours from the pictures. But I am having problems getting it to stay standing up!! I have to re-spray it multiple times a day!! Even purchased a new blow dryer & straightener!! I am spending a lot of money so I would love ce to see a video of how you do your hair from start to finish!!! Thanks!!

  11. Love your style and hair! I was inspired to get an asymmetrical short hair cut after seeing you rock yours. Thanks for all the tips!

  12. Love the hair! Do you know what technique (chunking, razoring, etc) your stylist uses to texturize your hair? My hair is soooo thick and coarse – drives me crazy!!!
    Also, a blog on your make up routine would also be awesome! Thanks so much!

  13. Thanks Shauna for sharing your hair “secrets”? Ine got a short platinum pixie myself that I may grow out a bit on top. Can we say hair envy?? Would you mind sharing a few pictures specifically of your haircut from the back.?

  14. Hey guys I live in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area. I want the Shauna hair cut but don’t have a good salon here. Anyone from this area have a recommendation? Would appreciate it.

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