Turning 64 marks yet another milestone in life’s journey. It’s a time for reflection, gratitude, and a renewed emphasis on how to age gracefully. As I celebrate my birthday, I can’t help but acknowledge the undeniable truth…. my 60s have presented their challenges. The’ve tested my resilience, pushed me to confront my limitations, and caused me to reevaluate my priorities. Yet, despite the hurdles and the occasional stumbling blocks, I’ve emerged with a better sense of ownership over my age and optimism for what lies ahead.

64 and owning midlife gracefully

Entering my sixth decade, I’ve noticed subtle shifts in my body. The once never-ending energy of my younger years, has given way to a much slower pace. I find myself feeling more aware of the needs of my body….. the importance of diet, sleep, and regular exercise. The wear and tear of life may be more pronounced, but so too is my appreciation for the simple joys of everyday existence.

But here’s the thing…… I refuse to let age define me. I wear my years with pride, a badge of honor earned through a lifetime of experiences, both triumphs and setbacks. I’ve learned that true beauty lies not in the absence of wrinkles or gray hairs, but in the depth of one’s character and the richness of our lives.

For me, embracing midlife means embracing authenticity. It means being unapologetically myself, flaws and all. It means celebrating the wisdom that comes with age while remaining open to new adventures and possibilities. This could possibly be THE BEST part about aging. Living each day with a spirit of gratitude and heart full of JOY is truly the best way to live.

64 and owning midlife gracefully




So….. here’s to 64! This next year is going to be better and fuller. It’s going to be a year of progress, growth, unexpected twists and turns, and boundless opportunities. But most importantly, here’s to embracing each year I’m blessed with, each gray hair and wrinkle, with a smile on my face. I’ll be over here at 64 and owning midlife gracefully!!! After all…. age is just a number, and I choose to make mine count!


  1. Happy Birthday Shauna!!
    What a fun post. You said it- age, a number, does NOT define us. It’s about all the wonderful things and experiences in life. Enjoy celebrating you. And here’s to many more. Have a super day….
    And I’m guessing that next trip is Greece?

    1. Hey Pam….. THANK YOU!!! So sweet of you to stop by! I think we as women (and me included) sometimes get hung up on the whole AGE thing. We are all aging…. every one of us. I guess we just all thought that we could stop it somehow?? Ha! We just need to do it with grace and commitment and OPTIMISM! THAT’S THE BEST WAY I SAY! Thank you for the sweet birthday message! Let’s talk again soon! XOXO

    1. Ha…… yes Rene! I definitely don’t want to be ROCKIN IN A CHAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for your birthday message! You are the sweetest to take the time to stop by! Take care! XOXO

  2. Happy birthday beautiful Shauna – love your attitude towards aging. It is a privilege to get older and you do it with such grace.

    1. Hi Erin, thank you THANK YOU! It truly is a privilege to get older, I agree. Thanks for stopping by and for such a lovely comment! XO

  3. Happy birthday lovely lady! I love your spirit and outlook on life. I’m wishing you all God’s blessings today and always.

    1. Cassandra thank you so much! Very sweet of you to stop by! Bless you as well, and come back again soon! XO

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