Are your chilly winter days starting to fade away? I live in the southwest desert, and I’m starting to see a hint of spring. What better way to bring in the season, than with some fabulous DRESSES….. and these 5 won’t break the bank. I’m not really an Amazon shopper when it comes to clothes, but wanted to give them a try and share them with you. These are not only budget-friendly, but also are incredibly flattering.

COLORFUL SHORT STYLE – What a fabulous way to inject some vibrancy into your spring. There are so many fun prints and color combos available right now, as MY DRESS ABOVE which is $35.98. Whether it’s floral, geometric, or abstract….. a burst of color can instantly uplift your mood. Pair it with sandals or even sneakers for a casual cute vibe. Heels of course, will dress it up for a night out.


5 Budget-Friendly Spring Dresses

SOLID COLOR WITH TEXTURE – For a simpler and more understated look, consider a solid color. I love the texture in this BLUE MAXI, it adds some fun interest while still keeping it refined. The wrap style is super flattering for all of us girls. Add some fun statement jewelry for a beautiful polished look. This one is priced at $46.99.



COLORFUL MAXI – I’ve always loved a maxi…. in fact I’ve had many women say to me they can’t believe I would try and pull one off. My height seems to get in everyone else’s way except for mine!! LOL! THIS ONE has the most beautiful color palate and reminds me of a sunset. This would be a great island vacation dress, and is $46.99.


FLATTERING LBD – The classic LBD never goes out of style, and spring is the perfect time to flaunt this timeless look. You’ll never go wrong with THIS PARTICULAR SILOUETTE and it’s only $32.98. It’s a dress that will never go out of style, and an easy and sophisticated way to wear black throughout the warmer months. You’ll rely on this staple for nearly any occasion.


FLORAL BOHO – I’ll always be partial to florals. THIS ONE has a very loose, sort of “boho” vibe to it. A flowy fit can sometimes feel overwhelming, especially for a petite girl like me. I would probably always choose some kind of heel to wear with this style. It would be darling styled with a hat. It’s priced at just $39.88.



Finally, these 5 budget-friendly spring dresses from Amazon, offer something for everyone. Whether you are drawn to prints, classic silhouettes, or a refreshing solid color, you can find some very cute dresses at a great price. Unquestionably, break out the dresses ladies…… it’s time!


  1. I just love your style! You dress amazingly! Not too young, not grandma like! Thank you!

    1. Hi Sarah….. THANK YOU SO MUCH! That is the sweetest compliment! Thank you for stopping by and come back again soon! HAPPY WEEKEND! XO

  2. You look great in everything!
    May I ask, who makes your gold shoe? I love them!!

  3. I think I read previously that you were going to keep 4 of these dresses. I would love to know which one you didn’t keep bc they all do look amazing! I too love your style! No way do you look like a grandmother!

    1. Hi Karlee, I’m returning the blue texture dress. It was just cut too low around the armholes for my taste. My favorite is the first one! Thank you for stopping by and have a WONDERFUL week!!!!! XO

  4. I love getting your news letter. You look so pretty in all the dresses. I may have to try the sunset one……I have a wedding coming up soon.

    1. Hi Rory and THANK YOU! Yes that dress would be beautiful for a wedding. Isn’t it the prettiest combination of colors?? Have a great week and take care Rory!!! XOXO

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