A Special Project In The Works

So I have to tell you…..I’ve been working on a “special project”, and today I’ve been in my HAPPY PLACE getting ready for my exciting week in NYC! I’ll be posting more on this day, and my week ahead later!

But lets talk about this maxi for a minute! Anthropologie has to have the most beautiful maxi dresses EVER. I have never found any better and this is just an example. It’s here and is just so beautiful and perfect for going in to the fall season! It has the prettiest beading on the bodice and really so great for any occasion!!! And look how you can twirl in it!!!!  FABULOUS!


12 thoughts on “A Special Project In The Works

  1. That dress is beautiful and adorable on you! I love maxi dresses on other people but I always feel like there is too much dress for my height. But it’s fantastic on you!

    1. Hi Janice, I would say to you, that if you don’t feel right in a maxi, it probably isn’t for you. I just think that if your clothes fit you properly, that you can get a lot to work, that you may not have thought otherwise. A good alterations person is KEY!!! XO

  2. What a beautiful Dress and it is even prettier since you are in it. Hope you are having fun and not to much work in New York,but it is a lovely City. Hope to see and read about your week in New York.

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