what I've been wearing lately

I thought I’d do a little round-up today on what I’ve been wearing lately. I’m constantly posting across all my platforms and sometimes forget to share here. Indeed one of my favorite things to share…. is fashion! This is my second favorite season to dress for, the first would be fall. It’s when I do the most shopping and updating in my closet.


As the weather gets warmer and the flowers start to bloom, switching up your wardrobe can be just the refresh/restart you need after a LONG winter! It’s the best way to embrace the season with enthusiasm! This spring, I’ve been wearing a mix of classic pieces and trendy styles to create fresh and modern looks. I love eclectic and mixing high-end with low-end pieces. Here are some of my favorite spring outfit ideas….

FIRST my look above in Greece. These PANTS probably weren’t the smartest thing to pack because they are a bit heavy. Nevertheless, I loved them. A fun neutral color, comfy, and for my body-type, they fit super cute. I paired them with this darling CARDI. The florescent stripe is what caught my eye. I’ll wear it with jeans, skirts, shorts, and trousers. It’s one of those “forever” pieces. Cute with white too! The whole look is linked above.

SECOND are sets. This one is sadly sold out. But sets are so smart because of the endless ways to break them up and style. Being able to wear them separately is what I love most about sets. This will be perfect for my upcoming cruise, such a great thing to pack for a vacation. SHOP SETS BELOW….. all work the same way as far as versatility goes!

what I've been wearing lately

THIRD I’m such a fan of ATHLEISURE! This type of look works so well for my lifestyle. Not only do I wear it golfing, but running errands, as well as travel. Unquestionably the best kind to pack due to the fact that they are lightweight, and won’t wrinkle. This is my go-to outfit for airport days. ZENERGY is a line within the Chicos brand that I always turn to. I’m always pleased! My other two favorites are ATHLETA and LULULEMON.

What I've Been Wearing Lately

FOURTH are white jeans. THESE are from Chicos and seriously some of my favorite ever. White jeans can especially be difficult to find! Without a doubt you’ll find with these a great non-see-through fabric, cute kick flare with a fray, and no-stain too! You can’t go wrong!! This picture is with my bestie SheShe traveling through Greece. Each of us found multiple ways to wear them! Hers with sneakers and a LONG DENIM JAKET in contrast to mine with metallic heels and a CARDI.

what I've been wearing lately

FIFTH are these THREE pairs of sunnies. My RED PAIR are so inexpensive and worked overtime for me in Greece. They are such fun and I believe like shoes, every girl needs red sunnies! THESE AVIATORS are very designer looking but without the price tag. And this classic CATEYE BLUE TORTOISE pair are perfect to really glam up your style.

what I've been wearing lately


Indeed my spring wardrobe has been all about comfort, versatility, and a mix of classic and trendy styles. From athleisure, white denim, and sunnies thrown in….. I keep going to these over and over to create stylish and fun looks. Before you know it, it’s going to be HOT, so enjoy your SPRING my friends!



        1. Well I say that IF you wear ALLLLLL those sneakers and they’re not just sitting there looking at you, then no it’s not excessive!!!!! 🙂

    1. I would not need 18 pair of sneakers but I do like 5 or 6 pair to choose from, laughing of course. I love boots and booties from fall until April. Here in Canada, it gets very cold. I usually choose the colours white black, check, polka dots, hot pink.

      1. Hello Sharon….. WO the hot pink and polka dots sounds amazing!!! It sounds like you know your style, you know what works for you, and that can be the hardest part for women. Thank you so much for stopping by and come back again soon!!!! Happy weekend! XOXO

  1. Shauna, thank you for continuing to inspire those of us that are not young anymore, but still want to try to look chic and put together. I love your style and your positivity, I also love that you found love with your husband and that y’all seem to be so happy. Keep on doing what you’re doing…lots of people notice and you definitely have a voice that is needed,

    1. Hi Kay, THANK YOU! You are so kind to stop in and comment! I feel so honored to be able to represent you gals!!! I swear I have THE BEST JOB EVER! I am very HAPPY….. crazy how my life has changed! So grateful! Keep in touch! XO

  2. Hello, I lover your outfits. Can you please tell me wthat brand the top on your jeans is?

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