Too Much Boho?

So perhaps some might think that these pants from Free People should not be worn by someone my size. Why? Because they are too baggy, too overwhelming, the cargo pockets may add width, etc. and etc. But just like I always say…….it depends. It depends on what you wear with them. Think simple, because these pants will want all the attention! It depends on how you feel in them. Remember that if you feel ridiculous in something, you will probably look ridiculous! It depends too on where you wear them. I wore these while out with my littles and they were so comfy! I loved the pockets when I needed a quick place to put my phone, or a tissue! I think the frayed bottom is adorable, and the tie at the waist lets you cinch as much as you needed on any particular day! I added a simple white tee and my Vince sneakers. I would dress them up with my espadrilles and a lacy white top and hat! Cute right??? I think they are the perfect summer pant, and with the cutest boho vibe!!!

Pants  |  Shoes  |  Tee Shirt


6 thoughts on “Too Much Boho?

    1. These are XS and really big, even though they are supposed to be oversized! I was surprised how well the cinched in without feeling too bulky! Thanks for your comment!

  1. This is such a cute look on you … especially when spending time with the little ones! 🙂 And you’re right … this look it tough to pull off! It “depends” and you have a knack for looking fabulous in anything you wear! 🙂 Thank you for sharing! 🙂

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