In the hustle and bustle of the holidays, there’s nothing better than coming home to comfortable jammies. And tis the season for new jammies for EVERYONE. This is one of my traditions I have with my grandkids, and I’m sure in your families too. Finding comfy and reliable sleepwear at a good price is always a wonderful thing. My absolute FAVORITE pajamas come from SOMA INTIMATES, and they just happen to be ON SALE!

SOMA has absolutely nailed the BEST formula for FABULOUS sleepwear! It’s not just about sleeping but also about feeling beautiful and comfortable! Their fabrics are soft, breathable, excellent quality and genuinely COZY!!!! I’ve told this story before, but several years ago I was invited to go to Fort Meyers, Florida, and meet with SOMA about their brand. What I learned about how they approach their products was unreal. I had no idea the thought that went into a bra, for example!

Soma isn’t just about pajamas however. They’ve got a whole range of intimate apparel, from bras to lingerie. Not only their jammies, but the only bras I wear are from Soma! Someone just asked me the other day what bra I wore, because “my girls” looked so good! I’d never been asked that one before, so thought it was quite funny. THIS ONE is my preferred bra.

They also have beautiful ATHLEISURE (THIS SWEATSHIRT has adorable sleeves), SWEATERS and JACKETS, DRESSES, and even SWIMWEAR. Without a doubt, their athleisure pieces are a perfect blend of style and functionality, making them absolutely perfect for traveling. I can’t wait to try THIS TEE, with a built-in bra! Imagine that!!!! Soma’s attention to detail and what their customers want is evident in their range of sizing. There is something for EVERYONE at SOMA.

SOMA is definitely my go-to for sleepwear that will always guarantee beautiful quality! Their jammies are simply THE BEST! I promise if you try them, you’ll never want anything else! They are that good! Any girl would LOVE to get these underneath her Christmas tree!!!!