Red Denim + Fab Readers

EVERYONE I think, has a denim jacket. In fact the other day a friend of mine was saying she went to a music festival in Idaho, and everyone was wearing a denim jacket! Will they ever go out of style….I don’t think so! The one I mostly wear is one I bought in Carmel California probably 20 years ago! I have one with embroidery, and one with some faux fur. But THIS one, is so unexpected! When it was given to me to wear in the Anthropologie Fashion Show a few weeks ago, I wasn’t sure. I just wasn’t sure of the color. Would I ever wear it again, does it clash….especially with my pink hair? Whenever I’m not sure about something, I will hang it on my bedroom door handle, and if I haven’t worn it within two weeks, I’ll take it back. I wondered how well it would go with the clothing in my closet. Well, you can see that IT won! It has been such fun, and I can’t believe how many things it goes with!!!!! Denim with a twist, right here!

And one more thing I wanted to talk about here in this blog….is READERS! You’ve heard me say before that I have such a phobia about wearing them in public! I know, it’s so dumb! But look at these!!!!! Aren’t they the cutest? The pinkish shade, the size, and I can actually read with them, but then when I look up I can still see! Now I realize this won’t work for everyone, because everyone’s eyes are different. But this was amazing for me! And they DON’T look like readers…..they look totally VOGUE! And the price….is crazy good!!!!

And so the whole look together…..out-of-the-box jean jacket, boyfriend jeans, graphic tee, sassy earrings, metallic belt, Converse, and some fab eyewear! J Crew has always had some of the BEST graphic tees ever! Everything is linked here….similar earrings and jeans. My lipgloss color is called Sweet Revenge!



6 thoughts on “Red Denim + Fab Readers

  1. I love everything abut this post!! I love your soft pink readers and your pink hair! Love, love the earrings and the red denim–soo cool!!

    1. Julie, that’s so nice…THANK YOU! It’s a lot of color, and was just criticized for it on Facebook! Glad you LOVE color as much as me!!!! XO

  2. I can so relate to this look – except I can’t wear readers and walk (safely). Love the V neck on the t-shirt especially! Thanks for the inspiration!!

  3. I love the tee and readers especially. You have such fun items! Love your vision of style and your honesty about different issues. Thanks for sharing your self with readers. And, yes, I do mean your self as two words. Your words bring me joy.

    1. Hi Janice!!! Thank YOU for stopping by! Your comment is so sweet!!!! Have a great weekend!!! XO

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