The days are growing longer and the temperatures are rising….. hopefully they are where you are. This time of year goes from spring to summer overnight I feel. Whether you’re lounging on the beach, hiking through the wilderness, or exploring new cities….. being prepared with the right essentials can make all the difference. Here’s a guide to help you gear up for a season filled with sun-soaked memories.

SUN PROTECTION- Shield yourself from the harmful UV rays with broad-spectrum sunscreen. Don’t forget the sunglasses either. I was just in the Bahamas and was reminded again how important it is to REAPPLY your sunscreen after swimming. Ouchie! You want to prevent this at all costs to assure you are comfortable. THIS ONE I haven’t tried but I’ve heard good things….. it’s ordered and on its way.


    SUMMER HATS- Hats are vital, and honestly fun to wear. I always have a hat on hand and there’s so many cute ones to choose from. A wide-brimmed style of course will cover you the best, but even a baseball cap or visor is good. Choose one that fits your personal style and activities.

    HYDRATION- Stay hydrated, especially in the heat. Carrying your own reusable water bottle will be key. I have one in the car, always one hiking, golfing, and have one at my desk at all times. I’ve recently discovered how hydration is an absolute for me, in keeping ahead of my migraines. I’ve got a blog coming soon on all that. THIS is my favorite with the folding straw.

    LIGHTWEIGHT CLOTHING- Choosing breathable fabrics like cotton and linen will help you stay cool and comfortable. You’ve heard me talk a lot about Lululemon and Athleta. Their clothing is probably what I wear the most throughout the summer. It breathes, drys quickly, and is super lightweight. For vacations it’s a no-brainer.


    SWIMWEAR- This obviously is a very personal thing. I don’t love hanging out in mine, but there’s a way to do it and still feel comfortable. Check out the looks below that I would choose to wear.

    FOOTWEAR- Invest in supportive footwear that’s suitable for water, hiking, or touring. The shoes linked below are my favorites right now. I LOVE THESE and they are super affordable. It used to be that comfy footwear was frumpy, but no more!

    SNACKS- During the summer months for me, my appetite is much less. So it’s sometimes easy to forget to eat. Get into the habit of carrying HEALTHY and NUTRITIOUS snacks to maintain your energy. They’re also great to have on hand while traveling or out and about. You’ll save a lot of money and calories having your own. Linked are some that I like.

    FIRST AID KIT- Be prepared for minor mishaps with a compact first aid kit containing band-aids, antiseptic wipes, pain relievers, and any necessary prescription medications. You may not need it most of the time, but when you do, it can be a life-saver!


      By prepping for summer with these essentials, you can make the most of your summer activities. Staying safe, comfortable, and ready for whatever the season throws your way, will ensure a MEMORABLE summer! Grab your gear and soak up the sunshine my friends!


      1. Hi Shauna,
        I love these lists/guides that you put together. Such good advice-sometimes when we start those summer activities we forget the basics.
        And I know many of us are not the most comfortable in swimwear but you look so great when you model yours. Thank you for all the suggestions. You inspire the rest of us!
        Have a great week! 😎

      2. Hi Pam, thank you so much! I always love some prep work before the season starts, just to get ahead of the game. It seems once it begins, there’s nothing left! You are so sweet to stop by. Thanks again and HAPPY SUMMER! Come back again soon! XO

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