The Perfect Layering Tank

Can you believe it’s Friday already??? This week has flown by! I’m sorry I missed you yesterday, I was with my mom and dad all day, which is MORE IMPORTANT than anything! I love them so much! At 83 and 86 they are champs, fighters, examples, supporters, workers, and such a strength to me!

So I want to talk about this PERFECT little layering piece everyone should own. It’s right here, and is such a good staple to have in your closet, for when you need something underneath, but isn’t bulky or uncomfortable. I’m telling you this fabric that Covered Perfectly uses, the MicroModal, is so soft and comfy… jammies! MicroModal is something truly amazing. The fiber is made of European beechwood, and is completely natural and produced in Austria. It’s absolutely so nice next to your skin! The scoop neck tank works under any jacket and comes in six colors! And if you have something cropped that is too short, this tank works great to put underneath with just the bottom showing. If you wear sleeveless then it works just as well alone and gives you just a simple classic look! It has the cutest little split at the hem on both sides, I really love it!

Covered Perfectly is offering a “buy two get a third free” deal! Buy one of each color or get one of their tops, that are made from the same fabric! Along with being flattering to any body type they are most comfortable!!!!

Start shopping here!

There’s a similar look here for you to shop. First these jeans by STS fit me SO well, and the price point is SO reasonable….no, it’s MORE than reasonable! The black bomber jacket is a wardrobe staple…look at the sparkly one from Anthropologie (ON SALE)! SO cute. And the furry scarf is adorable. I’ve had my red scarf for such a long time. If you go back in my posts, you’ll see I’ve worn it over and over again! A punchy bright red always works for me! And the boots, you’ve seen I’ve worn to death! They are so high and so fun to wear!!! In fact…..this gives me a great idea for a blog post! How do you, or do you, wear your clothes over and over again? Stay tuned!



9 thoughts on “The Perfect Layering Tank

  1. Those jeans are adorable, and they look precious on you. Super style! (And I’d love to see a close-up of your fun necklace!) Cheers from Houston!

    1. Hi Lisa, you’re so sweet, thank you!!!! I’ll have to get a close up of this necklace! It’s really cute….a dangling girl that I got in Paris!!! XO

  2. I absolutely LOVE this look! Shauna, it is sooo me!! It’s so hard to find the right weight tanks and tees (too heavy, too light, TOO SHEAR!). I am FOREVER on the hunt for the “perfect tee”. Any suggestions? So funny, same goes for a great pair of petite grey jeans. Sooo hard to find. Just love your style!!!!

  3. Shauna Brovo! You are such an inseration for all 50 Plus lady’s.
    I’m searching to buy your Chic Over 50 Tees one in every color so please when you get them in notify me please!!!
    Kimberly Weber

    1. Hi Kimberly! Thank you for stopping by and for such a sweet comment!!! I wasn’t aware the tee shirts were down on my site, so thank you! I’m in the process of getting some sweatshirts/hoodies up! They’re going to be SO CUTE! Stay tuned and I’ll make sure to keep everyone posted! XO

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