One of my GREATEST Joys!

Being a grandma, has got to be one of my


I’m blessed to have seven, and they are the light of my life!

This little girl is fast developing her own little style.

She’s been collecting her bracelets since 2nd grade, and you can see has quite the array!

She loves to dress in lots of pretty, bright colors,

and is usually wearing her Sorel boots with hot pink laces!

That saying…..”children make the world go round”?

It’s true!

It really, really is TRUE!



2 thoughts on “One of my GREATEST Joys!

  1. This is such a sweet post, Shauna! I am an auntie to my brother’s 3 little kids (8, 6, and 2). They are all so sweet and quite a handful, but I would not trade my moments with them for anything in the world. I love how your granddaughter loves to dress in pretty, bright colors. She clearly takes after her grandma! 🙂

  2. They are ALL such a BLESSING in my life……I always like to say, “They are much better than children!” 🙂 Just kidding!!!!!!

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