Oh My…..This Dress!

Oh my……..this dress! Remember the pants I posted the other day? Well, this dress is made with the same type of metallic fabric, and is just as fabulous! I LOVE it so much! Traveling with it will be the best because of how easy it folds up, and with NO wrinkling, and the many options you have with it! It can be worn through the summer, in to fall, and even winter! You can dress it up for any season! You can wear it very casual as I have here, or in a dressed up way! I wore it styled on the dressier side, for my first look at the Anthropologie Fashion Show. I’ll be posting on Sunday, all the pretty details of the show! Lindsay and her gang, did such an amazing job!

Dress | Sandals | NecklaceHat

So while we were out and about in the D.C. area, we accidentally stumbled on to Dumbarton Oaks Park. Everything is green, beautiful and lush here, and this little park was just so serene and gorgeous to walk through!

“The estate is a milestone in the history of American landscape architecture and a landmark in our social history, as it represents the finest work of Beatrix Farrand, America’s first professional female landscape architect. Farrand was one of eleven founding members (the only female founding member) of the American Society of Landscape Architects and is regarded as one of America’s foremost landscape practitioners of the 20th century. She shattered the glass ceiling in her profession, and this is her crowning achievement.”

We ended up in Georgetown eating a delicious meal at Filomena! And I will just say….BEST Italian Restaurant I’ve EVER been to!


6 thoughts on “Oh My…..This Dress!

  1. You look fabulous. Isn’t DC great and I agree Filomena is fantastic!! We were lucky last time to hit cherry blossoms in full show.

    1. Hi Judy! The CHERRY BLOSSOMS??!!!!!!! What a treat! D.C. is one of my favorite places to visit! I wish we could have stayed longer! Thank you for your comment!!!!!!!!!! xo

  2. LOVE that dress! Is that the regular or petite length? I like it long on you : )

  3. Susan….THANK YOU!!! It seriously is such a fun dress and one of the most versatile ones I’ve ever had in my closet! Mine is a a REGULAR XS. I like the longer length as well! Thanks for checking in! xo

    1. Hi Deb! Thank you so much for your comment! I don’t tan, and sometimes put a little self-tanner lotion on my legs. xo

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