Off The Shoulder No

Hey friends! I want to talk about the whole off-the-shoulder type dressing. I think it’s very beautiful on most women! The shoulders can be a very attractive part of our bodies. But for me, I always have my shoulders covered, and so the clothing that’s made to be worn off shoulder, doesn’t work for me, and unfortunately I lose out on so many cute things! Last winter I found a darling off-the-shoulder sweatshirt that I wore a button-down underneath, and I LOVED the way it looked. First time I had ever tried that look!

 And so that brings me to this jumpsuit! I bet you can’t guess what caught my eye with this one!! Perhaps the pattern or color or BOTH?!!! I loved everything about it, it’s full of all kinds of fun! I put it on and wore it just the way I am here, and didn’t even realize it was meant to be off-the-shoulder. What do you all think… you like it this way or no? I didn’t think it “looked” like it was an off-the-shoulder jumpsuit. In fact when I tried it on, one of the girls at Anthropologie said that she had passed this one by because she didn’t think she could wear it because of the off-shoulder style. She saw how I wore it and said she was going back for it! I saw another girl earlier this week with a similar outfit, bare shoulders, and she had a tee on with it. It looked totally cute!

So, I think there’s a way to get around the restrictions that this look might seem to have. For me experimenting is always the way to go. As you can imagine, I spend hours going through my closet and mixing and matching different looks and styles, until I come up with something I LOVE. I guess it’s a good thing my job requires it, because it’s always so much fun! The only downside to it, is that it creates a HUGE MESS!!!!


HAPPY DAY friends! Enjoy your Thursday…it’s my favorite day of the week!


16 thoughts on “Off The Shoulder No

  1. I love, love, love the way you are wearing this! I don’t like off the shoulder on me. I love it on other people but I have broad shoulders and I feel like off the shoulder tops make me look ever broader.

    1. Hey Kara….I’m glad you like it. It’s definitely one that can be worn like I have here, and still look right!!! And besides, the print is so fun, right?!! Thanks for your comment! XO

  2. This looks fabulous! I, also, pass by off the shoulder…will definitely take a second look! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. Hi Chara…thank you! I LOVE these espadrilles more than last summer when I got them. They make me feel SO TALL! Lol!!!! XO

  3. You look great in everything! This jumpsuit does not seem to have an extra large neck so it looks great the way you are wearing it. Some women can carry it off the shoulder, but I see many with indentations from years of wearing bras that in my opinion look inappropriate.

    1. Cindi, you’re so sweet, thank you! It’s totally comfortable wearing it this way….no need to pull it off shoulder! XO

  4. We all have our sticking points about our appearances. Some times it something WE only see. Sometimes not. Good thing we have choices ,choices, choices.

    1. Cheryl yes……lots of choices are a good thing!!!! Unless you are a person who can’t make a decision!!! HA! XO

  5. I have a large chest and tho I do love off-shoulder looks, I find that I simply cannot carry them off fashionably because, at 51, I’m STILL on a journey to find the elusive strapless bra that can handle me Hahahahaha!!! BUT, I do love wearing these tops off ONE shoulder! That allows me a little bit of flirtiness while still wearing the appropriate under armor! I just found you Shauna and I am SO glad! I’ve been in a hair and fashion funk and your website came to me at just the right moment …. I turn 52 on Wednesday! WOOT! I’m gonna be sassy!

  6. Where do I find a strapless bra for an over 50 (and then some) woman? I’m a 34C, and the typical strapless bras just don’t hold up!

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