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I’ve had access to these pictures now for a couple of weeks. Should I post…..should I not? Will I regret it…does it matter? Do I look ok…… I not? Seriously, women (and I’m one of them) have such issues with their bodies!!! And if you can believe this, I’ve gotten SO MUCH BETTER the older I’ve gotten!

I was asked to participate in this BODY POSITIVITY POOL PARTY by Stefani @hellostefaninicole! Her blog and feed are all about body positivity! She’s a lovely girl and has supported me so beautifully! Way back when she asked me, it seemed doable. But then as it got closer, honestly it got a bit scary!!! My body is so far from perfect, I have cellulite, and wrinkles, and loose skin. But my body is actually really healthy AND STRONG! I LOVE the STRONG part!!!! I’m tough and have amazing endurance and energy. I’m so grateful for a healthy body. As I was there that night, enjoying all the fun, it felt good to be ok with how I looked in a swimsuit without a coverup! Eeeek! Now, will I do it all the time….walk around in just a swimsuit? NO WAY! But that night, we were there celebrating our different body-types and being ok with who we are! There were all kinds of girls there, and all kinds of bodies. Each one looked beautiful and was happy and looked confident, much more confident than I! Maybe they felt the same way I did? But nevertheless, I LOVED meeting all of them! They were so kind and complimentary (I was the oldest, mostly all young girls). I really appreciated them so much!

Stefani went to such great lengths to put this together! There were all kinds of treats, our own photographer, and fun props! And of course she arranged for us all to wear  Lime Ricki  swimsuits, and they were SO DANG CUTE! I had never heard of this brand, but I LOVED mine! It was great construction and quality….it seems so many suits are flimsy and poorly made! I’ll definitely be shopping Lime Ricki in the future!

I drove away that night feeling so much better about MY BODY and being okay with its flaws. I sure did learn a lot from each of these girls! I felt a great connection to them….all local bloggers! Thank you again to Stefani and Lauren and EVERYONE who put this together!!! See you at the pool!

Here are some of my favorite suits and cover-ups right now!



12 thoughts on “My Body Positivity

  1. ???For you!!! You look Amazing. You are right each of us are stronger than we give ourselves credit for!! I gave birth to 3 strapping big boys! Even though when I was a little girl with a heart defect, this didn’t seem to be an option. Last year at this time, I was in a medically induced coma, fighting for my life from pneumonia. I went back to school in my 50’s to get my nursing degree. Soooo, my arms my have batwings (lots of Superheroes have wings ??, I have squint wrinkles from Being outside and watching sporting events in the sun, But I AM HERE!! I am a force and I am a part of my Family’s life! Jiggly crepey thighs and all. ?☀️⚡️

    1. Marci!!!! I LOVE YOUR COMMENT!!!!! I’m so grateful for women LIKE YOU….who are fighters and winners and incredibly strong and fierce!!!! THANK YOU for sharing your thoughts! You brought tears to my eyes….seriously! XO

  2. You look Amazing !!!! Isn’t it something how we focus on our flaws instead of our great qualities.
    I’m really working on changing that….even though I’m going through an extremely hard time right now. We are much stronger than we give ourselves credit for and should be so proud of ourselves for our accomplishments.
    You give me inspiration and hope ❤

    1. Mich…..and YOU give me inspiration and hope too, you really have no idea! Everyone can put on a happy face, but life is LIFE and there are so many struggles. WE ARE STRONG and CAPABLE! Prayers for you Mich! XO

  3. I’ve been enjoying your blog since I saw you on Instagram. You look great in everything. It’s interesting you summoned up the courage to post pictures of you in a swimsuit — I just did the same thing! I had a mastectomy without reconstruction, and I wanted to show women that every body is a beach body. After seeing your post, I feel better about my decision to share. Hopefully, we can inspire women to accept themselves and enjoy life.

    1. Hi Donna! KUDOS to you for sharing your story! I honestly don’t think there’s ANYTHING like the support WOMEN GIVE TO WOMEN! Being united we are so strong and powerful! Best wishes to you! Way to show the world who you are and that YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!! XO

    2. I’ve chosen to go flat after breast cancer too! And sometimes it is overwhelming, but I’ve never regretted my choice.

  4. I find more beauty, strength & “life story” in a women who depicts sensible body composition. I came across a photo of Sharon Stone in a bikini top and a pair of lower rise beach trousers. It made me feel good, this women although I could never achieve the beauty she possesses, her body was not “perfect” in a Hollywood sense. BUT she couldn’t look more beautiful to me. It made me smile. Proof to me that confidence IS the MOST attractive quality a person can have. It just took me 50 some odd years to figure that out ;))

    1. Cheryl….it’s so true about how it takes us women SO LONG to get to the point of POSITIVE BODY LOVE!!! When a women has confidence it’s truly SO BEAUTIFUL!!!! XO

  5. I hope I can express myself with out being perceived as patronising, please accept the opinion in the way its meant, as positive support and perhaps represents the silent enlightened male. When I look at photo 2 I see past girlfriends who I loved and miss and wish I could have been more supportive.

    Your statement “I’ve gotten SO MUCH BETTER the older I’ve gotten!” true in every sense.

    Every “body” has a story, every shape a life lived, each stretch mark broadcasts the strength of mothers, each blemish a chapter in life, It tells of the immeasurable courage of those who have faced cancer, I say embraces it! There are more men out there than you think who love all ladies for who they are and proud to tell the world how proud they are of you. When I see a fuller figured lady in a bikini I applaud, internally of course to avoid being creepy.

    Please, please don’t cover up such a wonderful canvas, enjoy being you. I know I can only speak for myself but you bring pleasure to those who appreciate your beauty. Confidence is definitely beauty.


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