More Of Those A and O Jeans!

Just another look at these Alice and Olivia jeans I showed you the other day. They have been a lot of fun I have to say!!! I kept the same things in mind as before, with keeping everything else pretty simple, because I wanted the jeans to be the focal point! This time I added a little color with this fun tee from Anthropologie! It was quite blousey and so to show off the high waist, I pulled it all together in the back and tied it in a knot! Again, minimal jewelry…that’s mostly just a personal thing of mine, and just added these amazing earrings that brought the blue color in the hem detail out. What a fun summer outfit! Remember that a button-up white shirt ALWAYS works with any pair of jeans! You could wear flats or heals with these, I always gravitate to heels because I need all the help I can get! And how cute would a hat look with them??? Love that idea!

Jeans  |  Similar Yellow Tee  |  Turquoise Tee  |  Earrings  |  Lipstick

Wishing you all a fantastic weekend!!!!


2 thoughts on “More Of Those A and O Jeans!

  1. Really can’t get into the shorter wide leg jeans ?. My lower legs are really thin and I think they look a little ridiculous under that wide hem. However, I LOVE the idea of that neat little knot to bring in the waist of your tee!

    1. Hi Sandra….not everything will work for everyone. I think if you feel that way, it’s probably not for you! That’s the awesome thing about fashion, is that if you know what looks good on your body…’ll have an easier time shopping and ALWAYS look good! THANK YOU for your comment!!!!!!! XO

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