Layered Textures

Mixing every texture I can think of today, with this all over bluesy layered look! This sequined jacket has been so fun wearing over AND under things! It looks so cute underneath a denim jacket! It’s here.

If you want to add more interest and depth to an outfit, you should think about texture. In this outfit I’m wearing sequins (jacket), velvet (tunic dress), suede (shoes), and wool (scarf). It makes it all so much more fun! For example, pair a knobby sweater with satin or silk. Or you could mix tulle with denim. My Lilla P dress is such a fun one to layer with different textures. I wore it here before with a turtleneck. It works as a dress or with jeans. I think it will be so cute in the spring with a little tee shirt and sandals! I really do love Lilla P!

Oftentimes when I’m wearing a monochromatic-like look, I like to add a pop of color as I did here with the yellow shoes. I have several pairs of shoes in bright pops of colors to add to my outfits to spice them up a bit! I’ll do the same thing with bright colored earrings! Boring is boring is BORING, and fun shoes and accessories can fix that problem!

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Have a HAPPY weekend!


2 thoughts on “Layered Textures

  1. Love that you make “mixing it up” ok. Gives me confidence to try myself. I’m learning (late in life) that I should trust my instincts, and that if I think it looks ok, it probably LOOKS ok. Love visiting your site. Couldn’t tell you how I stumbled upon it, but I catch myself checking in daily. Blessing for a joyful Holiday. xoxo

    1. Hi Cheryl! Your comment makes me SO HAPPY! I think we all question ourselves at times, but it’s like you said….if YOU like it and FEEL GOOD in it, it will probably look great!!! Thank you always, for stopping by! Have a wonderful holiday!!! XO

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