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I can’t tell you how many times I’ve walked in to a hair salon, any establishment really, and not gotten the proper attention. Without a warm greeting, you just feel like a number….like a pain in the you-know-what!!! Or you’ll call a hair salon for an appointment, and nobody answers, or it’s an answering machine and then you never hear back! SO ANNOYING and AGGRAVATING!!! I’ve often wondered why a business doesn’t realize that THIS is the first impression someone has of your business, their first point of contact! I’ve wondered why they don’t take it more seriously, why they don’t invest some dollars in the front desk help!!! I’ve talked to my stylists in the past about this, and it’s always a money thing…..the salon can’t afford it. The front desk help is an investment! And a very important one!

Well….I’m hear to say, that my salon, Landis Lifestyle Aveda IS NOT one of those! From the minute you walk in, there is someone to greet you, to check you in, to get you a drink, and to make you feel COMFORTABLE!!!! Their front desk is run like a machine! If I need to call, they ALWAYS pick up the phone, and have lovely telephone etiquette, always feeling sincere. They also know about the products. Even though you would probably get more suggestion and direction from your stylist on which is best for you to use, the receptionists at Landis, can direct you as well! They really set the tone for your visit, and can determine whether or not you’ll feel like coming back! I’m so appreciative to Landis, for ALWAYS making my time there pleasant! It truly is a place of pampering and relaxation!!!! I feel valued there, and that’s what keeps me going back over and over again!

If YOU don’t have a well-run salon, I would tell you to look for a suggestion box! Making the investment in the proper reception help is SO IMPORTANT!!! By suggesting a change you would really be helping your salon become better!


My top styling products at AVEDA are…

Style Prep  |  Control Paste  |  Shaping Wax  |  Hair Spray Light  |  Hair Spray Firm

And just a quick side-note….my stylist is HARLEY! Have a great week everyone!


6 thoughts on “Landis Salon Front Desk

  1. Love Aveda products. LOve, love,love the dress you have on but I dont seem to find it on the ones you linked. Would you mind telling me where is it from? …also that bracelet <3 !!

    1. Hi Mary….the dress is from last summer, so sorry! The ones I have linked are similar styles. If what I’m wearing isn’t available, I will always find something similar. And the bracelet is from Spain, on my trip there last summer. But lots of AVEDA available!!!!! 🙂

  2. I agree… I agree … I agree!!! Love love love my stylist but the front desk help!!! HELP!!! I am going to show this to her!!! Maybe she can give the owners a nudge!!!

    1. Yes definitely show her!!! It’s frustrating especially when you LOVE your stylist! More investment needed at the front desk!!! Good luck! XO

  3. Anyone, any business can push a product. It’s the “service” that sets them apart.

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