How To Pattern Mix

One of the funnest ways to mix up your style if you feel you’re in a slump, is to incorporate some pattern mixing! It may sound intimidating to you if you’ve never done it, but it really can add so much FUN to your style, and I promise it gets easier as you try different things!  I wanted to give you some pointers on how to achieve this…

  1. Make sure you are working in the same color palate! In other words make sure the colors in each piece coordinate with one another! This is probably the biggest mistake I see!
  2. Choose patterns that are DIFFERENT scales. Like for example my checks are smaller than my floral! If you do choose the same size or the same pattern, then invert the colors. So for instance navy background and red flowers with navy flowers and red background.
  3. I like to make sure each of the prints share one color! So here in my outfit, I’m sharing the blue.
  4. I like minimal accessories, and remember neutrals always work! Here I’ve chosen really colorful accessories, but I think it still works, and isn’t too over the top!
  5. You can always break up the patterns with solids….my bag, earrings, and shoes.
  6. Stripes, checks, and polkadots are so adorable with florals!

I read on someone’s instagram the other day, that if it weren’t for a “STYLE CHALLENGE” she was doing, she never would have come up with the outfit she wore. It’s so easy to get in a rut when it comes to dressing! We all tend to grab the same things, which creates a bit of a comfort zone and then hard to break out of. I challenge YOU, to try some pattern play in your outfits! If you’re not comfortable doing it, start small! Maybe a floral scarf with a striped tee? Below I’ve linked some fun looks together for some pattern mixing inspo!!!!!!

Navy Polkadot Skirt  with  Yellow Floral Top

Navy Floral Skirt  with  Striped Tee

Camo Pants  with  Blue Floral Shirt

The CHALLENGE IS ON friends!!!!!!!!! Shauna…XO

7 thoughts on “How To Pattern Mix

  1. Wow what an awesome beautiful colorful outfit I’m always nervous about mixing patterns but it looks so great on you and you inspired me to try it too sending greetings from Lakewood Washington

    1. Hi Connie from Lakewood Washington!!! THANK YOU! How did your outfit turn out?? Did you try? It can really bring so much fun to your style!!! Good luck! XO

      1. Hi there, I have not tried it yet but I will try to find something colorful and try to mix patterns soon and than I’ll send a picture

  2. Shauna! You have a marvelous figure…not for just a gal in her 50s, but for any woman. You are an inspiration! In a future post can you share your exercise/fitness program and perhaps what a day of food looks like for you? Do you count calories? Favorite indulgence? ?

    1. Hi Cindy, that’s SO NICE!!! Thank you! Yes I plan to do a post on my routine coming up in the next few weeks! And of course I have my little indulgence EVERY DAY!!! Dark chocolate! I really, REALLY believe everyone should. If not, I think it’s too easy to feel deprived which could lead you to overeating!!! Thanks for asking! XO

    1. Hi Marie…it depends I think on what you’re wearing with them. If dressed down I love these Adidas tennis shoes. They are really, REALLY comfy too! If dressed up then any kind of a heel or bootie. A bright color like red or yellow is so cute with camo. But here are a few options….. OR OR HOPE this is helpful Marie! I love to shop for people…LOVE IT!

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