How I Eat And Exercise To Stay Fit

how I eat and exercise to stay fit
DIET is key in managing your HEALTH!

I feel a little bit unworthy to talk about this subject, because I’M NOT PERFECT! I’ve always been a gym-rat, so that part isn’t hard for me. It’s the DIET part that is the most challenging for me. You see, back in my mid 20’s I had a bit of a disorder and obsession about my diet. It didn’t turn out well, and caused some health issues. That’s where the BALANCE thing became much more important to me.

They say that…..


Do you realize HOW TRUE THIS IS? Our diets play more of a role in managing and maintaining our weight than working out does. So what I’m saying is, I NEED TO BE BETTER! My diet is good 80% of the time. I eat pretty good but I DO LOVE my treats. Those treats are dark chocolate almonds for the most part, along with possibly homemade cookies or maybe going out for ice cream.

With that being said, everyone is on their own journey of health and fitness. How I eat and exercise to stay fit at midlife will be very different than how you do. I’ve been conscientious of my health and fitness since I’ve been a teenager. Along the way I’ve figured out ways to eat relatively healthy, while still enjoying the foods I love. Is it perfect? Far from that, but overall you could probably say that I’m a pretty healthy person! I’m STRONG no doubt.

If you are in your midlife years, you know that no matter what we do to care for ourselves, there are certain things that are just going to happen. A thicker middle is one. UNLESS you are a complete fanatic about your diet (and even if you are) your mid section is going to start to change. Can we still be healthy and fit? Of course!! But the weight will have a tendency to creep in there. You’ll start to lose the elasticity in your skin, so that will begin to hang. UGH! I hate it, but that’s what happens.

Suspended in air….. exactly how I LOVE to move!


I have been doing intermittent fasting for about a year now. This is very ON TREND, and I don’t do it really on purpose…. it’s just the way my day goes. This is not eating after a certain hour at night, and waiting 15-17 hours or so before eating again. I totally believe that WE EAT TOO MUCH FOOD! By the time I wake up and work for a couple of hours and go to the gym, it’s noon before I’m back home and ready to eat my first meal. And I always try to eat on the early side at night, so I’m not sleeping on a full stomach.

There’s so much to be said about INTERMITTENT FASTING! I do this MORE because of my lifestyle and NOT because I don’t think we should feed our bodies!! I just listened to a podcast and WOW! I’m going to do a whole blog on it, and how I feel about it and what the medical professionals say about it. Stay tuned!

I will eat breakfast then, either a veggie omelet and fruit, or wholegrain cereal HERE, walnuts, and berries. If we are traveling, it’s always an omelet filled with veggies. I do have cheese. I drink water for the most part, no juice, no milk (except for in my cereal). Occasionally I will have a Diet Coke if I’m out golfing, long car rides, or the movies.

I won’t eat again until dinner. My husband cooks all kinds of food and loves to. I’m careful with the carbohydrates and not a lot of red meat, mostly chicken. I don’t want to discourage his cooking, so I’ve learned to eat what he cooks. I’ll limit my portions and like I said, watch the carbs. If we go out, I’ll order fish or chicken or a salad with a protein. I very seldom have bread and butter.


My dark chocolate comes in-between breakfast (noon) and the time we have dinner. I have a small handful and that’s always just enough. THESE are my favorite!

I never eat fast food. I pay attention to how I eat and exercise to stay fit EVEN WHEN I’m traveling. If we are on the road, I will go in to a convenience store and get an energy bar, granola bar, or yogurt. A breakfast sandwich will never pass my lips! Starbucks has some protein kale and mushroom bites that are really good that I’ll get sometimes. There are always healthy options, and eating the processed fast food seriously makes me feel awful!

how I eat and exercise to stay fit
Important to ENJOY your exercise routine!


My workouts are 60 minutes long not including stretching. I’ll workout on a cardio machine (elliptical trainer or treadmill) for an hour. My weight routine consists of about 20-30 minutes using mostly free weights (15lb and 10lb). I’ll do this routine three times per week after my cardio. I’ll include some abdominal work as well. I’ll switch this workout up every week so my body is always being challenged. I focus on opposing muscle groups, and make sure to hit them all. My legs are mostly squats and lunges. I always stretch out for at least 10-15 minutes afterwards. DON’T FORGET TO STRETCH! It’s so important especially as we age!


This is pretty much how I eat and exercise to stay fit at midlife. It’s nothing fancy. It’s not perfect. But it works for me and is part of every single day except for Sunday. HOW DO YOU STAY FIT? Tell me!!

Shauna XO


10 thoughts on “How I Eat And Exercise To Stay Fit

  1. I’m 62 and I am trying to get back in shape working full time in management with Chico’s. I enjoy reading your newsletter and trying out some of your ideas. My husband also loves to cook but it is difficult to get him to change his cooking habits lol! Thank you for you ideas and inspirations!

    1. Sheryl HELLO! So nice to have you here! You work for the BEST BRAND ON THE PLANET! Love everything about CHICOS! My husband sometimes doesn’t cook the healthiest either, but I’m so grateful he loves to cook for me. He’s been good to make and cook things differently since we’ve been married. I feel like if we both compromise it’ll work! I’m certainly not a fanatic when it comes to my diet, but just conscientious! Thank you again for stopping by! XO

  2. Hi Shauna.
    Thank you for a reminder that we need to stop worrying about being perfect-it’s about being the very best and healthiest version of ourselves. I’m striving to keep on track with regular walking, yoga, exercise biking, weight lifting and yes, stretching! Can’t forget that part. I think we should consider that the reward part!
    I too am a huge Chico’s fan. Sheryl, I’m envious!
    My husband cooks as well; he loves to grill. So I’ll just say we’ve learned to choose the entree wisely and it’s okay to have leftovers. Great for salads, tacos, etc. Just add veggies. Lots of them.
    Appreciate the inspiration and also love that picture biking in the hills and red rocks. Utah?

    Happy Fall! Enjoy your weekend. Pam

    1. Hello Pam! What a nice comment, thank you!!!!! Yes to being concerned ONLY with being the best version of ourselves!!! I try to have that mindset every day, to do better than I did the day before! Perfection is impossible and definitely not worth the STRESS of trying to be so!!! Keep on track girl! And yes I live in Southern Utah. It’s beautiful here. COME AND VISIT!!!!!!! Have a wonderful week! XO

  3. Great post, Shauna. I, too, have been practicing IF for several years. It works very well for me. I, also, am cognizant of diet and exercise but am totally ok with indulging on occasion. We’re currently in Europe and there is no way I’m going to not enjoy all the fresh bread, butter, wine and chocolate. When we return home, I’ll get back on the wagon.

    Cheryl, I also love Chico’s. I haven’t shopped anywhere else in probably 15-20 years. I think I may “need” the sweater-jacket Sher wore in her last FB live. 😉

    1. Thanks for stopping by Dawn! I think IF is a super controversial topic. Our bodies need to be nourished properly, but at the same time we really do eat a lot of food in our culture! So the balance thing can be tricky! As I said I don’t do it on purpose, it’s just how my days go. Living in Europe must be dreamy? I LOVE it there! Where at exactly? And yes YOU MUST enjoy all the food and especially the CHOCOLATE!!! I love CHICOS too! It’s such a WONDERFUL BRAND!!!!!! Take care Dawn and come back again soon!!! XO

  4. I love reading your blogs and thank you for sharing your routine . I’m 54 I’m finding lately that it’s gotten harder for me to exercise when I didn’t really have an issue before I can definitely see the difference between say 50 and 54 . Lol
    I have fibromyalgia and not sure if that is aging with me . I do also watch what I eat and don’t eat . Thanks again for all your info appreciate it

    1. Hello Dee! It DOES get harder and harder to stay limber, healthy, and keep the weight off! I’ve felt it and now really do know that what my mom used to say IS TRUE! UGH!!!! But you just have to keep at it I say. Giving up is not in my game plan!!!!! Sounds like you’re on the RIGHT TRACK!!!! Keep it up girl! Thank you for stopping by and come back again soon!!!!! XO

    2. Hi Shauna, wanted to let you know I have been following your blog and pins. The first one I looked at was your hair. I would say that is my highlight as I have always gotten compliments on my hair. I like your style and hair. I am short also 5’1”. Thank you for sharing. I would like to hear more about your fasting.

      1. Rallene thank you THANK YOU. How sweet of you and please know I APPRECIATE your support!!! We are the same height!! Do you have a pixie cut? I will be posting a more detailed blog on fasting! Have a wonderful week! XO

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