Have You Heard Of PEEPERS?

PEEPERS STYLE These Are My Favorite!

Friends….have you heard of PEEPERS? You can see them here. It can be such a bummer when you get to the point of needing to use glasses. I fought it for SO LONG because I didn’t want to wear glasses. I had never worn them before and just felt silly in them! But I’m now at the point of NEEDING them because if I don’t use them, I’m really straining my eyes to see…. and that’s not good at all for the eyes!

So now on to a recent trip I took to Quebec. I brought along these PEEPERS. I got SO MANY compliments on the way they looked. One even said to me that they looked just like Celine, a very high-end brand that are seriously big bucks! She was so impressed that she was going to get her a pair as well. It’s a look that’s very trendy and hot right now, so maybe not for you. But I happen to LOVE them…. I think they are so funky and vogue!!!!

If you wear glasses YOU KNOW that you need multiple pairs. You need one for your office, one in your purse, one in your bathroom, one in your car, and one by your bed. And even with that many you STILL lose them or misplace them. It’s just a given. THESE PEEPERS will allow you to have A LOT everywhere because they are extremely budget friendly!

I have been the one to have VERY EXPENSIVE readers. In fact I’ve had a lot. And ask me if I still have one left…… nope! They are ALL LOST. One lost on the airplane, several left in a restaurant, and all the others just seemed to disappear! I seriously don’t know how that happens! And it KILLS YOU when you lose a $500 pair of readers. I mean it REALLY, REALLY hurts!

PEEPERS are so easy on the pocketbook, that WHEN you lose them or break them, you can just reorder without the pain! What a great feeling to know that you can replace them and not break the bank! And….. it allows you to keep up with the trends too!

But another FABULOUS thing about PEEPERS, is that they have been on Oprah’s list for FOUR YEARS IN A ROW now! And Oprah knows everything that is GOOD, right? In fact I’ve seen her wear either these, or some very similar!!! And THEY happen to be my favorite….the ones I recently traveled with! And they come in EIGHT colors!

So…… friends you must check out PEEPERS to amp up your eye glasses game! Have you heard of PEEPERS? NOW you HAVE, and you won’t be sorry! In fact, you’ll thank me I know! They really are SO MUCH FUN!!!!!! SASSY in fact!

MY OUTFIT SOLD OUT IN A SPLIT SECOND…..but here are two other sets by the same brand and look just as fabulous!

Shauna XO