Hats Please!!!

Do you wear hats for sun protection or do you wear hats for FASHION? If I’m honest, I wear them way more for fashion! I have always loved hats, but as I’ve said before I can’t wear any kind of hat. A fedora-style is best for me. A baseball hat, a super floppy hat, a beret’, all are not so good on me! A firm brim and taller top look most flattering. Do you wear hats? What style do you like?

It seems to me that HATS are getting better and better, cuter and cuter! And this time of year is the most fun to shop for hats! I have some really expensive ones, but more that are very reasonably priced. I’ve had some of my hats for years and still love them every season I get them back out! Women ask me almost as many questions about hats as they do hair! Women want to be able to wear them, but don’t feel comfortable in them. Just as I say with everything else when it comes to STYLE…..you HAVE TO feel comfortable. If you don’t you won’t look comfortable which leads to looking confident. So if you feel that way, I would tell you to pick another accessory other than a hat! Some women honestly think that they can’t wear a hat if they have short hair! Blah….I hate those ideas! For me, I always wear my bangs down so you can see them peeking out from my hat. That seems to work the best for me.

If YOU are a hat girl….I’ve got some adorable ones for you here to shop! I have my eye on this PINK one! If you’re wanting to wear a hat, I would encourage you to go to a department store in the hat section, and try on a bunch of different styles. You might just fall in love!!! Have a BEAUTIFUL week friends!



15 thoughts on “Hats Please!!!

  1. Love this post! I love hats and I have several, from ball caps to sun hats to straw hats and am looking for a straw fedora for summer! It’s a great way to protect your skin from the sun and it’s stylish, too!

    1. Hi Ramona…..SO STYLISH right? One of the simplest ways to AMP up a look! XO

  2. I’m s-l-o-w-l-y becoming a hat girl (at age 68, lol). For years I didn’t like them on me at all but because we often travel to tropical locales, they became a necessity. I’m learning that some styles actually do look o.k. on me. I’ve let my hair grow longer and I think that helps, too. I have three hats now which can be scrunched into my luggage and, with a little finessing, come out looking good. I *think* hats with bendable (is that a word??) brims are best for me. I purchased a fedora type hat at SteinMart the other day and think I’ll get a lot of use out of it. Fun post!!

    1. Hi Dawn…..yes the only bad thing about traveling with hats is that you have to be very careful packing them, or carry them with you on the plane! I’ve seen those packable ones, in fact I have a couple! Genius idea! Wished there were more options with them! XO

  3. Hi Shauna! I love your blog. I was wondering if you would share the products you use to wash and style your hair. It’s simply adorable!!

  4. Hi Shauna, I have several Hats that you recommended in some of your Blogs, but I don’t wear them very much, well I had Skin cancer and my Doctor said you better wear Hats from now on. Now I’m having so much wearing them lots of compliments from lots of people. I have a 4inch scare down my face and I sure don’t want anymore. Loving your Blog and you are sooo cute love you stay healthy.

    1. Hi Rita!! Thank you so much for your comments! And such a good reminder of sun-safety!! I’m so HAPPY you have a cute collection of hats to keep yourself protected!!!! XO

  5. You look so good in hats , I wear my hair short as well I look terrible in hats. What’s your thoughts on headbands?

    1. LOVE headbands Jan! I’m posting a pic soon with a head scarf! I think there is a way to wear them though, so you don’t look like you’re working out!!!! 🙂 I say that, because I wear a bandana when I work out to keep the sweat out of my eyes! XOXO

  6. Fun post! I absolutely adore the hat you’re wearing in this picture! Can you tell us where we can get that one?

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