Friends Inspiring Friends

Friends can and always will bring so much fulfillment in to our lives! I haven’t always depended on my friendships to get me through the stuff that life brings, but it seems in just the last year or two, they have become more and more a part of my life. We all come with different interests and talents and personalities, but I think we all deal with the same emotions. I’m so inspired by the friends in my life. They are amazing in what they do and have accomplished in their lives. And I’m so inspired by the things they do that are much different than me. Sometimes I think even more so than the friends I have that are a lot like me…..does that make sense? Their differences inspire me to do better, be better, and try new things!

This friend, Trina @trinagrand, is just that. She lives near me, and I met her through my blog. We do have a lot in common, but one of the MANY things Trina is doing, and has always done is READ! She has been a lover of books since she was a young girl! I have tried so many times in my adult life to LOVE to read! My mom and sisters like to read, but for me I feel like I’m wasting time. It makes me really sleepy to read, and so along with feeling to fidgety, it gets discouraging picking up a book and then falling asleep just minutes after I’ve began to read. Way back in the day when my boys were all little, I challenged myself to read Gone With The Wind. I literally had to stand up while I read for two hours each afternoon while they took their naps!!! I made it through, but I can’t say I loved it!

I called upon Trina one day, to get her ideas on middle-aged life. She came up with several things, but reading, and being able to read a LOT now at this age, really resonated with me! Every year this is one of my top five New Year’s resolutions! So we planned to meet at this darling little bookstore here in Salt Lake, called The King’s English. If you’re ever visiting here, this would be a great place to visit!!! It’s packed full of good reads and is really quite cute too!!! It was clear that Trina was in her “happy place”! She had all kinds of suggestions about what I might like to read! It was really such fun!!! I walked away with three books, which I haven’t started to read yet. See! What am I going to do to get myself to sit down and READ??? Seriously, it’s a problem! So I have decided to take 10-15 min each night and read. We’ll see how long I can maintain such a rigorous reading schedule!!! LOL!

Trina has a great book review post you can find here. Thank you Trina, for inspiring me to step out of my comfort-zone and AGAIN….try to do something different!

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9 thoughts on “Friends Inspiring Friends

    1. Hi Petra, thank you for your comment! You know what REALLY fascinates me??? STYLE and FASHION magazines!!! LOL!

    1. Hi Karen…thanks for stopping by!!! I truly believe you….I’ve really got to try harder!!! XO

  1. Here is a trick I sometimes use …..go back and read a cherished book from your childhood, or a favorite story you read to your children. Sometimes this will motivate you to read again!

    1. Gail, this sounds like a great idea!!!! I’ll have to try that next time I go to the bookstore!!! Thank you!!!

  2. Friends are the best! 🙂 I enjoyed reading this post, Shauna! I actually love to read too, but I’ve very specific about what I like to read. If it’s anything other than those topics, I get bored, fall asleep, everything you list here. So, maybe the trick is to find a subject you love. Then, reading will be fun and not feel like work. 😉

    1. Hi Lizzy!!! I really try to find topics that interest me, but sometimes…..ugh! I picked up my book yesterday afternoon, and lasted for about two minutes, and then was too tired to do the rest of my day!!!!! :O

  3. I love to read…love it! But I don’t always have a much time as I’d like to devote to it. So I get books on CD’s and while I’m out in the garage painting and sanding or inside creating things for my little shop…I listen to books on CD. I have a high energy level and it is a way for me to do a million things at once! Lol.

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