Festive Style with JD Williams

Thanksgiving brings with it, so many wonderful memories. It’s a time to truly reflect on every blessing in our lives….and there is always something to find joy in and be thankful for! The holidays are a time to create sweet memories with our loved ones. I can think back to times spent with grandparents and cousins. The smell of the food, the spirit in the home, the excitement and anticipation towards Christmas. It’s such a magical time of year! Wishing you all a great day with your families!

My outfits here are from JD Williams. Each piece works so well for any FESTIVE wardrobe! Isn’t the blue faux fur jacket such fun?? Tis the season for some faux fur, and I LOVE the midnight blue! This color can definitely be treated as a neutral. It can be worn in a dressed up way, or very casual! It would be a great gift too, as it’s under $100. It’s here.

And this party skirt!!! It makes such a statement and with it’s classic styling I think it can be something in your closet that you’ll have for years. It’s gorgeous colors and shimmer remind me of a beautiful painting! Wear it with any simple black top, or I think you could even put a denim shirt with it and some pearls or statement earrings! That would be FAB! Don’t you think the jacket looks adorable with it??! This black top is perfect because it’s simple and very fitted. The flared sleeves are so on trend! Each of these pieces can be broken up and styled so many different ways through this next month of celebrations!!!!! And great news….. by using  SHAUNA40 at checkout you’ll receive  40% off your purchase!!!!

There are plenty of places to start shopping for GREAT deals, if you’re feeling in the mood. HAPPY DAY dear friends!

Serena & Lilly  |  Saks Fifth Avenue  |  Bergdorf Goodman  |  Madewell  |  Nike


3 thoughts on “Festive Style with JD Williams

  1. I love this as an alternative to the typical shorter, more fitted dress for a holiday gathering. It’s beautiful, feminine and unique… Perfect! And you look exquisite!

    1. Lori…thank you so much! I have to agree with you! It’s such a flattering look!!!! Enjoy your holidays! XO

  2. I came across your site when I was researching pixie cuts I want to change my hair from dark brown w/gray to silver or something anyway u look great in all your styles and appear to be open to dressing fashion forward for the more mature group which is how it should be who wants to be a frump certainly not me. I do have a question for you this is a long shot but by chance do u know a women by the name Carol Whitaker she also lives in Utah and is the proud owner of the most beautiful captivating freisian stallion. Type in search for “apollo the freisian” and u will be forever in awe of thi gourgeous horse also love the hair katrina in maryland

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