The Coat of Many Colors

And here it is…..THE COAT OF MANY COLORS!!!

When I walked in to Anthropologie, the night of the Spring Fashion Show in Chicago, with beautiful girls swarming the dressing room area, laughter, chatter, lots of excitement and joy going on……there was this girl. Caprice! And she was dressed in this coat, that took my breath away! How could something be so FABULOUS??? The way she looked just struck me! We instantly connected, talking about her hair and her coat! And her hair is just as amazing as her coat! And her face…..everything about her is stunning!

I couldn’t quit thinking about her the next day, and so I reached out to her to meet later that afternoon, to photograph her in her coat. I felt so lucky that she agreed!!! She picked out this beautiful area with a beautiful view of the city!

I wouldn’t ever be able to tell you about this beautiful coat, as well as Caprice. So I’ll let her tell you…..

I was born on a Monday, specifically a Memorial Day Monday.

If that was any indication, I had to be an interesting person, right? Did I mention I was also born on my great-grandmothers couch? Not on purpose.

Through my adolescence I kept in my mind that my birth made me “weird”, “quirky”, “different”, and “interesting.” Words that people used to describe me to me, on why they couldn’t quite comprehend the way that I was.

Let me to explain:

Clueless, yes the movie Clueless, changed my little girl life, add the Spice Girls and I was mixing patterns and colors before it was acceptable.

Because I was “weird”, I, like most children was bullied.

Now you might be wondering what this has to do with a trench coat. Allow me to continue to explain.

I spent a majority of my adolescence trying to be “normal” so I could just fit in and survive, I was over being bullied and explaining my “quirky” style choices to so many.

Then my Sophomore year of high school my grandfather passed unexpectedly. He always told me that I was and always have been my own person…
… at his burial something just clicked.

I Broke Free.

The wonderful thing about my adolescence that I take with me is not struggling with self-love and confidence, now in my 20’s, onward and upward.

I started sketching again and wearing every pattern and color possible.
I wanted women in the world to feel the same self-love and confidence I feel, when they wear my pieces.

Lucky for me, my relationship with Val, like most, started on the internet.
Val, the seamstress guardian angel, helps me bring my sketches to life with unparalleled craftswomanship.

She puts so much love and care in to her work, I mean just look at the patch working on the “Queen” trench coat… (SEGWAY!)

This piece is both of us.
A REVERSIBLE, yes that’s not a typo, a reversible dream!
The patchwork side is so lighthearted and fun and Capricious!

The Dashiki/Angelina side is regal and strong and fearless.

If you are wondering, ”How can a fabric convey so much?” Here’s a brief history;

Angelina, was created by Vliscos’ textile designer Toon van de Manakker. In 1967, Jason Benning coined the modern term “dashiki” (The name dashiki comes from the word “danshiki” or “dan ciki” means “shirt” in Yoruba and Hausa, languages spoken in West Africa, specifically Nigeria).

Since the late 1960’s, the dashiki shirt continues to be worn by African-Americans embracing their African heritage and promoting “black is beautiful,” and signaled a return to African roots, and insistence on full rights in American society. The dashiki was worn as a way to protest society’ s disrespect for African Americans. It was a symbol of affirmation.

The “Queen” trench is for everyone and anyone.
It isn’t about ANY form of separation.
It’s about Dedication, Strength, and Unity.

Compassion and Courage.

Self-Love and Confidence.

Peace and Love

So you see, why I think Caprice is so WONDERFUL! I have a feeling she’s going to do amazing things, reaching the highest of goals and dreams, and making a positive impact on this world! I can’t wait until she comes out my way, to showcase yet another gorgeous gem!

If you’d like your own coat, you can shop it HERE! Mine is in the works now, and I can’t wait for it to arrive!


5 thoughts on “The Coat of Many Colors

  1. Adore Caprice; love the coat! So glad you were able to rise above words and thoughts that keep one tethered to a person they are not. My daughter was the same way in high school. I lacked emotional strength to help her through those rough waters, but now she is her own woman, a free spirit and wearing whatever makes her happy. God bless you and every woman. We are endowed with the power of creation–let’s use it to the fullest reaches! ❤️?

    1. Jackie, thank you for your nice comment! Sometimes those years in school are so traumatic! It’s such a great place to be, when you can do what you want without feeling any social pressure! I wished it was easier for us all to really believe we can BE OURSELVES! That’s been the best thing about being older! Finally being able to accept who you are and not worry about what someone else thinks! XO

  2. Caprice I must say your talent is LIMITLESS that makes your fashion unbelievably BREATHTAKING!! Your story is true and so amazing!! And yes you are a UNIQUE person who is loved in so many DIFFERENT ways!!! Keep doing what you are doing-NEVER CHANGE for anyone! Love you Fashionably Caprice!
    Love your cousin Re???

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