Choose to be HAPPY!

Just wanted to say Hello, that’s all! I think out of any other time of the year, THIS time can be the hardest! And everyone at one time or another can have a bad day. BUT….it is up to YOU to make it better. The things we face in life are just LIFE. You can either be down about it, or do what you can to make things better. Finding the beauty anywhere or anytime… crucial in our overall health. Choosing to be HAPPY IS good for your health!!! So….whatever my blog and social media pages “look” like, we ALL go through stuff……and I’M CHOOSING TO BE HAPPY!

For a better look at this outfit, it’s here!

But again… are the links to this look. The tops are similar!!! Remember I have lots of “vintage” clothing, this top being one!


Make it a HAPPY weekend!


4 thoughts on “Choose to be HAPPY!

  1. I am always envious at how good your skin and make-up look. I hate to ask (and you don’t have to answer), but have you by any chance had plastic surgery? I am thinking about it, so I was just wondering. But on a separate note, can you tell me what make-up products you personally use (concealer, foundation, blush, mascara)? Thanks!

    1. One more question, sorry. Do you have a trick on how to prevent make-up from settling into wrinkles, especially around the eyes?

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