Chic Goes Chanel…a Workshop

I am a true believer of the CHANEL skin care system. And I’m so excited to be hosting an event at City Creek Center next Saturday. This is going to be such a fun afternoon learning and working with these luxurious products. If you’ve never used them, you should take the plunge and see the magic!!! I first started with the serum many years ago, and immediately noticed a difference!!! It will be in a workshop format with experts there to explain and teach! I really hope you can all be there! If you could let me know via email, that would be so helpful, so we can make sure there are enough goodies there for everyone!


Saturday June 24th

City Creek Center at Nordstrom Chanel

50 South Main Street SLC UT 84101

12:00 – 2:00

Don’t miss out…’s going to be FABULOUS!!!


email me ~ [email protected]

2 thoughts on “Chic Goes Chanel…a Workshop

    1. Hi Bernadette…..I will definitely let you know if I do! I was just close to you doing hosting a fashion show at Anthropologie in Chevy Chase! Wished I could have met you!!! xo

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