For over eight years now, my hair has proudly been a shimmering shade of white…. and I haven’t ever looked back. When I first decided to let my hair go, the notion of adjusting my makeup routine or rethinking my wardrobe briefly crossed my mind. However, that thought lasted all but a week or two. I quickly realized that the idea of conforming to some standard of what colors or styles suit white hair, was unnecessary. Instead, I embarked on a journey of self-expression, embracing my natural hair and exploring the endless possibilities of fashion without constraints.

White hair can be a STUNNING feature that adds character and sophistication to your look. I think for the most part, women are afraid of letting their hair go…. I’ve talked to many who won’t even consider it. Ladies don’t be one of those. You have to remember that you can always go back to all those hair appointments to get your hair dyed. In all fairness I should say that for a while, I was dyeing my hair platinum to bleach out what dark was left. Then one day my stylist said, “Why?” We let it go and never went back.

Whether your hair has naturally turned white or you’ve gone white through dyeing, knowing how to dress to complement your silver locks can elevate your style game. But you might be surprised what I’ve found out! Here are some things to think about from someone who has gone from dark brunette to platinum white.

  • EMBRACE CONTRAST – darker colors will add a gorgeous contrast.
  • EXPERIMENT WITH DIFFERENT COLORS – vibrant colors will again add a striking contrast.
  • CONSIDER METALLICS – metallics and silver hair are of course stunning!
  • NEUTRALS CAN ADD ELEGANCE – with a neutral look I love white hair the best.
  • FABRICS WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE – the different textures in fabrics will add sophistication.
chic choices beyond white hair

My initial thought of needing to adjust my makeup or clothing choices after going white, proved wrong. The colors I’ve always loved and felt confident in, remained just as flattering and appealing. The vibrant pops of color that I love wearing in my clothing and lipstick, are pretty much the same. What became clear to me was that my white hair didn’t require a complete overhaul of my personal style. Rather, it accentuated and enhanced the colors I already gravitated towards. In fact, wearing these colors felt even more empowering against the backdrop of my white pixie.

Embracing my favorite colors with white hair reinforced the idea that style is deeply personal and transcends age OR hair color. It’s about wearing what makes you feel confident, beautiful, and authentically yourself, regardless of any external factors. So, whether it’s a bold red dress, a vibrant pink sweater, or a soft blue scarf, I continue to love my colors….. knowing that they reflect my unique sense of style, white hair and all!


Just a tip here that gets missed a lot….. white hair is prone to yellowing. To keep your silver locks looking radiant, use a PURPLE SHAMPOO and PURPLE CONDITIONER to neutralize any unwanted yellow tones. Additionally, hydrating hair masks like THIS ONE will maintain moisture as well as limiting your use of heating tools.


Ultimately the best colors to wear with white hair, depend on your personal style, complexion, and preferences. Experimenting is the best way to find what you feel good in. As I said earlier, the colors I’ve always loved wearing…… are STILL the colors I love and feel good in. The key really lies in YOU. What colors make you feel confident and beautiful? I hope through this blog post, you will know you can make chic choices with white hair too!



  1. This is a great post! thank you for sharing your experience and insight. I’m 65 and went silver/white 15 years ago at age 50. For me it happened when I lost my dark brunette hair to chemotherapy. It grew back white and I decided to keep it that way. I kept it in a very short pixie (and still do) but struggled with color and makeup choices. I used to search the internet & Pinterest for guidance and that’s when I found you. I’ve gone through so many changes in my wardrobe in an attempt to fit into the rules for white hair. I even considered coloring my hair again just to make it easier! I’ve watched you and all the colors you embrace, and it has given me the confidence to wear whatever colors I choose. Thank you for being you and sharing that with us.

  2. Hi Donna! Thank you THANK YOU for your comment. So have you found that you DO need to wear certain colors since going white? I just haven’t found that, thank heavens. I’m glad you’ve now embraced it and feeling more confident in what feels good to you. It can be a real struggle for so many women. I’m SO HAPPY that I’ve been able to inspire you in some way. Come back again soon and ROCK THAT WHITE HAIR SISTER!!!!! Xoxoxo

  3. Shauna, you and I are two of the lucky ones! Some years ago my dishwater blonde hair morphed naturally into a solid, silvery blonde in front (and the transition was hardly noticed by others), blending with darker strands in the back for a peppered effect there. Intimidated by conventional standards of what an ‘older’ woman should look like, I badgered my hairdresser: Should I bleach it all? … darken it all? … make it all consistent? “NO!” She replied. “I LOVE your hair!” Yet, I remained skeptical until one day, as she was finishing up my usual hair appointment, a much-younger woman passed by and exclaimed, “Wow! THAT’S how I would wear my hair… if only I had your hundreds of dollars to maintain it!” She walked away, my girl and I looked at each other and collapsed into laughter! I’ve never spent a cent on the coloring! And as you said, I’ve never looked back again!

  4. Brie! LOVE LOVE this story! Thank you for sharing! If all those other women knew how fun WHITE hair could be. Mine is the same in back. It still has a lot of dark mixed in, but my hair stylist thinks it looks “COOL”…. so there you go. If she was good, then I was good! And SO MUCH EASIER and HEALTHIER for your hair!!!! Thank you for stopping by Brie! XO

    1. I love your white pixie. Like you, I went platinum to cover the grey and dark mix. It looked good, but with the covid scare I let it go natural. People barely noticed the change. Now I get compliments on my own pixie white all the time. Many of my friends have now opted to embrace their natural hair now, too. The only color changes that I have noticed with my hair is that crisp white is better than the beige tones that worked with the blonde tones.

      1. Hi Kathy….. awesome to hear! WAY TO INFLUENCE!!!! Yes for sure white is better than off-white. I’ve found that too. It’s so much easier and I say WAY MORE FUN to embrace those silver strands and let them shine! Thanks for your comment and let’s chat again soon! XOXO

  5. Wow! This blog explains a lot! I thought you still bleached your hair a few years ago. I bleached my hair for a while, but it got to be a hassle! I have salt and pepper hair now and it’s still pretty dark but I get compliments a lot. I wear it very short, but a lot of people think I color it to get this effect! Thanks for your encouragement Shauna! I am not white yet but wear whatever colors I like!

    1. Hi Lisa, thanks for stopping by. I haven’t colored it since before I got married. It is DEFINITELY A HASSLE! Your hair sounds SASSY and full of personality!!!!! Way to rock your pixie! You are the sweetest for supporting me here, THANK YOU! We’ll chat soon! XO

  6. In 2020 when we were unable to go to salons I decided it was a good time to let it go and see what happened. At 58 I kept thinking I was too young to have white hair. Well after it all came through in its glory and all the compliments I get I wish I would have done it a long time ago. You also were then and still are an inspiration to me that I can have white hair and still be fashionable. Thank you for this post, it brought a confidence boost to me 🥰

    1. Hi Denise….. THIS MAKES ME SO HAPPY! I’m so glad you LOVE your white hair and even more importantly….. FEEL GOOD IN IT! I have always loved mine. I think it’s so striking, and wished that more women weren’t afraid of it! Have a wonderful week and keep in touch!!!! XOXO

  7. Hi Shauna. Thanks for the post and the confidence to “rock” bright colors. I stopped coloring my hair during COVID and went through the awkward stage of looking like a racoon (fortunately, we couldn’t go anywhere 🙂 I finally grew impatient with the two tones, and asked my hairdresser to cut it as short as necessary, so long as it was all one color. My hairdresser picked a pixie cut. Now, I am amazed at how much I am continually starting to look like you. Thanks for all the encouragement to “own it”.

    1. Hello Patty! THANK YOU for stopping by! It seems that so often it’s by accident sort of, that we really discover something BETTER!!!! So happy that you LOVE your silver pixie! And yes….. always OWN IT!!!! Have a nice week and come back again soon! XO

  8. I am 75 and didn’t have much grey until a few years ago. I don’t have your beautiful white hair, it’s more of a grey mix with a patch on the top of my head that is still a dark dishwater blonde. I was disappointed that it’s not whiter, but I have realized that I need that contrast against my face that I wouldn’t have with white hair. My fine hair is so much healthier now and I would never go back to dying it.

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