Chapter Two…..Petite Style Script

What fun it was for me on this beautiful California afternoon,

to meet this darling blogger friend of mine!

Her name is Jessica and her blog is here,

The Petite Style Script

We had only visited on the phone and through text messaging before meeting,

and I found her to be just as sweet and lovely in person!

She looked adorable in her simple and classic denim shirt and white jeans,

flats and designer belt!

Ant then when she threw in her red coat…..really just so cute!

This is a bit about Jessica in her own words……

Petite Style Script is a style/lifestyle blog created to inspire women
in style, beauty, fitness and life’s joys. This blog was created to
help busy women find their style – focusing on practical and classic

Throughout Petite Style Script, you will find KonMari Philosophy –
“spark joy” in your life and in your possessions. I write Petite Style
Script for YOU, my readers. My favorite areas to discuss are “Tips &
Tricks” and “Giving Back Series”.

As a petite woman who often is mistaken for looking years younger than
I am, I’ve learned to dress for my 2 professions – assistant professor
and critical care pharmacist – while incorporating my LOVE for
teaching into Petite Style Script.

On my blog you’ll find detailed reviews, professional photography and
short videos. On social media, you’ll enjoy glimpses into my personal
life in Los Angeles, CA.

Please make yourself at home as you follow my journey and visit me for
style advice, outfit ideas, tips & tricks, beauty, health, fitness and
giving back inspiration.

She’s such an amazing and bright young millenial!

I am so impressed by her knowledge when it comes

to the blogging world, and technology……

and her vision of where she wants to go with her work!

Talented. Sweet. Smart. Helpful. Kind. Beautiful.

These are just a few verbs to describe her!

As I said earlier, she is younger than my children,

but I didn’t feel that way at all!

Either she’s very mature, or I’m very immature! LOL!

Probably both, somewhere in the middle!

I really am lucky to know her!


6 thoughts on “Chapter Two…..Petite Style Script

  1. Wow wow wow. You two have taken my breath away. You’re both so beautiful inside and out and grateful to call you both my friends ❤

    1. And to think that YOU were the one that connected us……you’re always doing good for others!!!!!! xo

    1. Hello my dear sweet friend!!! Thank you…..and yes this is the blessing I have of blogging! Meeting such amazing people!!! Hope you are doing well! We’re due for lunch soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xo

  2. I follow and ❤️ both of you! I’m also in California (Santa Clarita) and would love to have a blog lunch and get to know you both. I’m 45….am I allowed? ? Thanks for wonderful, interesting, stylish posts. Corki

    1. Hello Corki! Thank you so much for your comment! You can join on Facebook “The Fierce 50 Movement”. It’s a page where anyone can join and be connected to women from all over, who are in mid-life. Please join us!!! xo

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