Beautiful Blue and Dangling

When I saw these beautiful blue dangly earrings…

I instantly fell for them!

They’re a party indeed and right here.

I never, hardly ever, wear big earrings like this.

I’ve always felt they were too much for my short hair and height.

But the thing that got me with these, is the COLOR!

The fun bright blue is such a great shade for me!

It compliments so well the bright lipsticks I wear,

along with the colors in my wardrobe.

I have been called a VIBRANT SUMMER before,

and these definitely fall in to that category!

I thought they looked so cute with this Anthropologie dress

 which by the way is ON SALE!!!

But I can also see them with many things,

and you’ll probably be seeing them a LOT!!!!!!!

Have a great day everyone!


2 thoughts on “Beautiful Blue and Dangling

  1. Love Anthropologie but in my opinion seems to be out of Petites frequently and just by me…over priced
    Thanks though. You always look adorable.

    1. Hi Judy, I know their petite section could be bigger, but at least there’s some! I’m trying harder to put optional links to more budget friendly shoppers! Thanks for your comment!!!!!! XO

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