Another BOMB!

Another BOMB!!! And yes this floral bomber jacket definitely is the BOMB! It’s  made of the silkiest fabric, is super warm, but so lightweight you could fold it up and put in to your bag! I love this one from the Nest Boutique! And for this price, it would be a shame to pass up!!! It will be going with me today on the airplane over a black tee-shirt dress and tennies! I LOVE a jacket that’s not bulky, but is still warm when you want it to be! It’s perfect for these spring months, that can be all over the board as far as temperature goes! And another way I think it would look darling, is over a denim dress! SO CUTE!

The jacket is here.

2 thoughts on “Another BOMB!

    1. Hi Lizzy! THANK YOU….it’s such a fun way to wear a bomber!!!! It seems I can’t ever get enough florals in my closet!!! xo

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