All About The Chic LBD

There’s ALWAYS an occasion to have an LBD…little black dress in your closet. I have the hardest time sometimes, finding one that works for me. And so when I spot one, often I will get it to have on hand, so I’m always prepared! Always good to have for that special occasion…..or not. For some of these there is a way to dress them down a bit….namely the first one linked here. Just putting a flat sandal with some of these, it immediately takes on a casual vibe!!! While I was living over in Paris last fall, I got this one, that could be worn during any season, and I have! It’s of course sold out, but I’ve linked some here that are my favorites! And one or two just may be in my shopping cart! Always my first choice for a special function, but I think with some strappy sandals, you could wear it out to a summer wedding! And if you really want to surprise your significant other, wear one out for a date night!!!

My Fave  |  All Over Lace  |  White Lace Detail  |  Faux Wrap  |  Exquisite Splurge

Just a note I want to add: I don’t wear sleeveless or anything too short, so these dresses reflect that. They are all very beautiful, and I would wear any of them. The EXQUISITE SPLURGE is very fun to look at, but I’m sure out of most people’s price range….but still fun to dream!!!!


2 thoughts on “All About The Chic LBD

  1. Love the Dress, I got one in Germany this month while visiting my Family, it’s not exactly like this but just as beautiful, got good taste Shauna.

    1. Hi Rita! THANK YOU so much for your comment and kind words! There’s nothing like a beautiful and classic LBD! Have a nice day! XO

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