A week or so ago I posted a faux fur jacket. There was a lot of buzz on my Instagram page about whether or not it was faux. It’s a sensitive topic, I think especially among women. There are so many FUN and BEAUTIFUL fur fashion looks. So I wanted to dedicate this post to just that…..do you wear faux or real???

This jacket is from Namedroppers. I’ve talked a lot about them, they carry such FABULOUS high-end consignment clothing, offered at such REASONABLE prices. I thought this jacket was MORE THAN FUN!!! It’s lightweight, cropped just where I like, and the black and white coloring has endless possibilities! Wear it with a bright colored pencil skirt, or some destroyed denim and a tee. Or what about over a denim dress, or a fancy black lace dress? It will give me some fun through our winter season, I’m sure of it! And YES…..it is faux!

I found this article on-line and it answers a lot of questions about the FUR TRADE. I think there are a lot of misconceptions out there about both! The one thing I don’t like about the whole topic……is aggressive protesting! There, I said it! And that’s all I’ll say. But I will say, that there are absolutely gorgeous and beautiful FAUX options out there for women….and men. Faux is less expensive, millions of colors to choose from, it can look just as expensive as the real stuff, and it’s easier to take care of!

Here are some of my favorites for women AND men, and some even ON SALE!!! Santa Baby, hurry down the chimney for me!!!!




One thought on “About FAUX FUR

  1. I agree with your sentiments completely. Something about fur makes me feel glamorous. I wear faux because I can’t afford the real deal, but I would if I could. One funny side note, I have a sweater with rabbit fur on the cuffs, and dogs won’t leave me alone when I’m around them, so maybe it’s a good thing most of my fur is faux!

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