How Do You Walk Under Your Hat?

How do you walk underneath your hat?
Some will require a skip in your step…like you’re almost ready to dance!
My love for hats is never-ending!
With fall right around the corner, I’m seeing all kinds of cute ones in the stores!
Haven’t bought a new one yet, I really do have plenty,
and I think I’ll wait until I go some place fabulous,
to maybe pick up a new one!
Here are some I have my eye on…
this is my favorite!!!
When I travel with a hat, I place it in my suitcase upside down,
then pad it all around with scarves, sweaters, etc.,
and then fill the inside up with soft things such as socks or leggings.
If I want more than what goes in my suitcase, I’ll wear one on the plane.
But however you wear your hats…
make sure you wear them with some attitude and confidence!