Privacy Policy

1. Introduction

This ad services privacy policy (“Ad Services Privacy Policy”) explains the data protection practices of Chic Over 50.

If you do not agree to this Ad Services Privacy Policy, you must discontinue using the Chic Over 50 and all services and features therein.  By using the Chic Over 50 Websites, you acknowledge you have read and understood this Ad Services Privacy Policy.

2. Information We Collect

(a) Information Automatically Collected As You Access and Use the Publisher Network Websites.

To provide you with advertisements that are more customized to your interests, Chic Over 50 may use a variety of technologies (including cookies, Flash cookies, web beacons and embedded scripts) (“Cookies”) that automatically or passively collect information when you visit or interact with Chic Over 50 and the advertisements we serve on Chic Over 50.

The information we collect includes:

  • Browser and Device information such as your IP address, the type of web browser, computer, platform, related software and settings you are using; device type and model, manufacturer, operating system type and version, time zone, general location inferred from IP address, and identifiers assigned to a device, such as its iOS Identifier for Advertisers (IDFA), Android/Google Advertising ID (AAID or GAID), or other unique device identifier (typically an alphanumeric string allocated to a device by the device manufacturer, identifiers stored in a our cookie, ETag, or browser or web cache). Your IP address is usually associated with the place from which you enter the Internet, like your Internet Service Provider, your company or your library. We use your IP address and other identifiers for a variety of purposes, including to help diagnose problems with our servers, gather broad demographic information, and other purposes as allowed or required by law.

  • Information about your interactions on Chic Over 50 such as information about the activities or actions on Chic Over 50, the content viewed on Chic Over 50, the URL that referred you to Chic Over 50 and all of the areas within the Publisher Network Websites that you visit, the web sites you visit after the Publisher Network Website;

  • Chic Over 50 ad information, such as the content of the ad (what the ad is about, e.g. entertainment, news); the ad type (e.g. text, image, or video); where the ad is served (e.g. the website on which the ad appears); whether you clicked on the ad, the number of times you have seen the ad, and information about your interaction with the ad.

We may combine information gathered from your use of Chic Over 50 with information from third-party sources to identify your location by state and region.

For more information, see “Cookies” below.

Geolocation Information. With your consent, Chic Over 50 may collect and use your geolocation to provide you with information about goods and services within your geographic location or implement other functionality such as to serve targeted advertising. By using such service, you hereby consent to our collection, use and disclosure of your geolocation information as described.

(b) Information We Collect From Third Parties.

We may acquire information from other trusted sources to update or supplement the information that you provided or we collected automatically, such as information to validate or update your demographic information and lifestyle information. We use this information to help us maintain the accuracy of the information we collect, to target our communications so that we can inform you of products, services and offers that may be of interest, and for internal business analysis or other business purposes. We may also acquire information from other sources about your visits over time and across other third party web sites, in order to serve more targeted advertising to you on Chic Over 50. Those third parties have privacy policies that differ from this Ad Services Privacy Policy.

4. How We Use Your Information

We use the information we collect for a variety of purposes.  For example, we use the information we collect for the following purposes:

(a) Serving and Customizing Advertising: We use the information in connection with serving advertising on Chic Over 50, including to provide ads that are targeted to your inferred interests based on your activities across Chic Over 50.  This may include creating interest-based advertising segments or audiences, as well as to supplement the information we collect with additional information we receive from third parties to allow us to tailor the ads we display.

(b) Ad Reporting, Conversions, Analytics, and Frequency Capping: To create and provide information regarding ad activity, including whether ads are clicked on, tracking views of ads, as well as click-through rates, to prevent you from seeing the same ad too many times, and to measure and improve our ad serving services.

(c) Fraud Detection and Prevention and Security: To identify invalid ad impressions, clicks, installs, or ad queries, protect us and our Chic Over 50 from fraud, and protect our services.

(d) Service Support and Improvement: To improve our ad services, to improve navigation and display, and to ensure that our services function properly.

(e) Marketing: Subject to applicable law, we may combine and use any and all information we collect on you either online or otherwise, including from third parties, for marketing purposes. Unless we expressly notify you otherwise at the time of collection, we also may disclose information that we receive from you and from third party sources to third parties whose practices are not covered by this privacy statement (e.g. other marketers, retailers, and participatory databases) that want to market products or services to you. This includes licensing information about your interests and activities and marketing segments created with such data to third parties for their marketing purposes.

(f) Anonymous Information: To create aggregated, anonymized information about you and other users of Chic Over 50 by excluding information (such as your name) that relate to an identifiable individual (“Anonymous Information”). We may use this Anonymous Information for any purpose permitted under the law and disclose Anonymous Information to third parties in our sole discretion.

(g) Cross-Device Tracking:  We may use cookies in combination with the information we collect — for instance, IP addresses and unique mobile device identifiers — to locate or try to locate the same unique users across multiple browsers or devices (such as smartphones or tablets), or work with service providers that do this, in order to save your preferences across devices and analyze usage of Chic Over 50.

5. How We Share Your Information

In addition to the other disclosures described in this Ad Services Privacy Policy, Chic Over 50 may (and you authorize us to) share or disclose information collected from and about you on Chic Over 50 to other companies or individuals as set forth below.  We may provide access to information to vendors that are performing services on our behalf, in order to carry out such services (the “Service Provider Use”).

(i) Administrative and Legal Reasons: Notwithstanding anything herein to the contrary, we may at all times and in any manner access, use, preserve, transfer and disclose your information, including disclosure to third parties: (i) to satisfy any applicable law, regulation, subpoenas, governmental requests or legal process, or in connection with a legal investigation, if in our good faith opinion such is required or permitted by law; (ii) to protect and/or defend the SKM Terms of Use, including investigation of potential violations thereof; (iii) to protect the safety, rights, property or security of the SK Entities, their products or services; and/or (iv) to detect, prevent or otherwise address fraud, security or technical issues. Further, we may use identifiers and other information to identify users, and may do so in cooperation with third parties such as copyright owners, internet service providers, wireless service providers and/or law enforcement agencies, including disclosing such information to third parties, all in our discretion (the “Legal Use”). Such disclosures may be carried out without notice to you.

(j) Sales or Transfer of Business or Assets: In connection with a sale, merger, transfer, exchange, or other disposition (whether of assets, stock, or otherwise, including via bankruptcy) of all or a portion of the business conducted by Chic Over 50, in which case the company will possess the information collected by us and will assume the rights and obligations regarding your information as described in this Ad Services Privacy Policy (the “Acquisition Use”).