Jambu Booties Are So Riveting!

I have to say, that I have ALWAYS loved my shoes! In fact, if I could only go out and shop for one thing….it just might be shoes, and more specifically BOOTIES! These little gems from Jambu & Co. called the RIMINI, are just the thing to give you really, really super HAPPY FEET!!!!!! I have been wearing these around lately, and wish I was taking them on vacation somewhere, because they are extremely comfortable!

I remember wondering as a little girl, why old people walked so slow! With titanium implants in the joints of my big toes, my feet are ALWAYS in pain! And with each year, my aches and pains get greater and greater. And although I love my high heels, I can only wear them for a few hours on any given day. So when I can find some cute and practical shoes/booties for my feet, well it makes me so happy!

I loved wearing them with these metallic wide legged pants. This is the kind of outfit that could be taken on vacation! But I would also wear them with a longer midi or maxi skirt, and always with jeans! They are super versatile!


I have a special code for all my followers of 15%, CHIC18, which will be good until October 31st. They come in black and plum. These are such comfortable flat shoes, that I know you’ll be wearing for a LONG time! Basic black, with such fun details……just SO riveting!!!!!

Shauna XO

2 thoughts on “Jambu Booties Are So Riveting!

  1. You are absolutely stunning! What do you do to keep in shape! Wow I would love to tone up, I just don’t have the motivation right now I’m trying though☺️ I am so glad I found your website! Your fashion sense is amazing 👍🏼

    1. Hi Stacie!!! You are SO SWEET, thank you!!! I’ve never lacked motivation thank heavens. I think the best thing about you is THAT YOU’RE TRYING! Just by doing your best, you’re going to feel motivated to do more!!!!! XO

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